Photographic portrait of Cherie Faiella

Cherie Anne Faiella

EY Global Geostrategic Business Group Deputy Leader

Transformative strategist. Translating geopolitical uncertainty into opportunities and risks for clients globally. Fluent in English with basic knowledge of French and Arabic.

Since joining EY in 1998, Cherie has worked at the forefront of consumer products and retail, Med Device, and international development.

Previously, Cherie served in the EY Government and Public Sector group for five years and was EY Global Client Service Partner for an international financial institution focused on economic development, in which she consulted with governments and private sector clients across emerging and fragile markets.

She was also EY Global Customer Experience Refresh Leader, responsible for the design of the new EY Customer Experience Program across markets globally.  In this role, she was tasked with repositioning the way in which the EY organization interfaced with clients, utilizing digital to build behavioral change.

How Cherie is building a better working world

Cherie works with her clients’ global Foundation to help realize their purpose. While serving as the EY partner responsible for the World Bank Group, she traveled to fragile markets such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique and assisted colleagues in Afghanistan and Iraq on projects related to banking for farmers, skill building, eliminating food waste and building hospitals and schools. 

Outside of her role at EY, Cherie has served on the San Francisco Renaissance Business Incubation Board. In addition, she is on the Open Online Academy’s Board of Directors and built their first Senior Advisory Board. She was a member of the HBA Healthcare Business Women’s Association Senior Board for 4 years. She also led the first-ever Healthcare Woman of the Year Global Awards in Paris. 

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