Kentaro Kobayashi
While digitalization accelerates and the financial industry is in a time of innovation, EY correspondence should always comply with EY clients’ improving financial services, meeting user needs.

Kentaro Kobayashi

Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC Financial Services Office Assurance Associate Partner

Senior regulatory professional with ample experience of inspecting various financial institutions. Loves hiking and traveling.

As EY Japan Financial Services Office Assurance Associate Partner with Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC, Kentaro has been focused on the licensing, regulatory strategy and supervision of banks. He is also engaged in providing educational activities and seminars on regulatory matters.

Seasoned in financial services insights on the development of regulatory inspection programs, Kentaro provides updates on regulatory supervision and risk management activities.

Prior to joining EY, he worked for Japan’s Ministry of Finance for regulatory inspections and for the country’s Financial Services Agency.

How Kentaro is building a better working world

“I focus on improving communication with EY clients and members. I strive to maintain active and ongoing dialogues with relevant regulatory bodies to enhance the values and service quality that EY member firms offer. In addition, I focus on upgrading professional competence through proactive knowledge sharing in rewarding relationships. This, I believe, helps me contribute to building a better working world.”

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