Photographic portrait of Richie Sater
A better record of the past is how we make a better future. That’s where technologies like blockchain can help.

Richie Sater

Ernst & Young LLP Tax Technology and Transformation Developer

Blockchain developer and strategist.

Richie is a member of the EY Tax Technology and Transformation’s Intelligent Automation team, where he focuses on improving client systems with emerging technologies.

After writing his first software patent as a teenager, he worked with a large defense contractor.  Later on, he worked with a blockchain start-up.

Richie holds a BS in Accounting and Information Systems from NC State University as well as a CPA. He is also a recipient of an EY Platinum badge in Blockchain.

How Richie is building a better working world

“Transparency is attractive in an intuitive, human sort of way. We naturally want the people we have relationships with to be transparent with us. The same is true for companies and the relationships they have with their clients, customers and business partners. I believe blockchain is the best way for companies to accomplish this, and am working to leverage blockchain technologies into real-world solutions for my clients.”

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