Photographic portrait of Terje Andersen
What you see is what you get!

Terje Andersen

EY EMEIA Markets – Digital and wavespace Leader

Leading Digital and wavespace across EMEIA. Officer training and special-forces education. Successful career in professional services. Passionate about entrepreneurship.

Terje is EY EMEIA Digital and wavespace Markets Leader and has a transformation role in EMEIA. With over 150,000 employees, innovation and digital is the backbone of EY organization, integrating all parts of EY strategy.

Terje’s typical day is about helping, leading and coaching colleagues from all parts of the organization to work together to drive growth in the market. This requires finding the best ideas and people, as well as existing and new solutions and concepts that bring the most value to the market.

Terje is also spearheading the wavespace network in EMEIA, where EY professionals help  clients reimagine their future to help them to thrive in the Transformative Age, shifting from envisioning the future to collaborating with clients to create their futures.

Terje has also been responsible for successfully building EY Advisory in the Nordics (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland). He grew the Nordic business from scratch, in 2005.

Terje is also passionate about entrepreneurship and has led the world’s most prestigious program for entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur of the Year, for five years in the Nordics.

How Terje is building a better working world

With an education in special forces and executive training programs at major global universities, Terje places great value on continuous learning and development, and he often coaches future very senior collaborators at the EY organization.

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