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How you can join the discussion at the 24th World Energy Congress


Benoit Laclau

EY Global Energy Leader

Experienced energy leader and advisor.

12 minute read 8 Aug 2019

Decarbonization. Electric transport. Reimagining oil and gas. Innovation. These were just a few of the hottest energy topics at the center of discussion and debate.

At the recent 24­th World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi (9–12 September 2019), EY took part in a stimulating program of live talks and hands-on demonstrations on the trends shaping energy now and in the future. Get up to date on what the world’s most influential energy forum of industry leaders, governments and regulators have to say.

  • EY @ WEC – panels and interactive sessions

    Parallel session: Reshaping the future of mobility
    As the world enters the fourth industrial revolution, the transport and logistics industry is undergoing a major shift in the way it thinks and operates. This session explores the key trends driving this change that have the potential to be hugely disruptive to the industry – from new players and new technologies to user-focused end-to-end service and changing business models.

    Panelist: Benoit Laclau

    Parallel session: The role of gas in the global energy transition
    According to the World Energy Council’s Scenarios, gas is likely to play an important role as a ‘bridging fuel’ to a low-carbon economy. The substitution of coal to gas fired power plants, use of natural gas as a complement to renewable energy sources and power-to-gas technology all help to support climate change mitigation efforts. Do today’s policy and market frameworks enable the shifting role of natural gas and what does this mean for our existing gas infrastructure?

    Moderator: Andy Brogan

    Opening plenary: Driving innovation: The role of governments in the future of energy
    The pressure to rethink energy continues, and with it the need for pioneering solutions. Innovation is one of the most powerful ways to drive agility and growth; it disrupts existing models and markets and opens up new opportunities for energy production, distribution and consumption. What is the role of government in creating an enabling environment for innovation? Are the right frameworks and policies in place to put governments at the forefront of the innovation challenge? Who is leading the way and what can we learn from their success stories?

    Panelist: Serge Colle

    Parallel session: Rethinking innovation ecosystems beyond technology
    Innovation comes in many forms: from policy and business models to financing and collaboration. What are the different drivers and catalysts that create the conditions for innovation in energy?

    Panelist: Thierry Mortier

    Interactive session: Be a CEO for the day: an EY simulation game
    You are the new CEO of an energy company that needs to improve its financial and operational performance. You are faced with several opportunities and challenges regarding digital and innovation. The choices you make will determine if your company is a winner or loser in the market.  What are the right investments to make? Which technologies will have the biggest impact? How can you make sure your people have the necessary skills? How will you fast-track the best opportunities?


    Benoit Laclau

    Marc Coltelli

    Fay Shong

    Andre Winarto

    Andrew Horstead

  • EY Live – talks from EY leaders

    As the countdown to a new energy world intensifies, who will beat the clock?
    Radical transformation is creating an energy sector that is more complex, competitive and challenging than ever. And, while energy companies are preparing for change, most aren’t adapting fast enough. Time is running out to adopt key capabilities, business models and a new flexible mindset.

    Speaker: Gavin Rennie

    Decarbonization: Business risk or business opportunity for oil and gas companies?
    What is the role for oil and gas when consumers and governments demand renewables? Oil and gas companies are already investing in solar and wind, exploring electric vehicle opportunities, and developing innovative new fuels. But what leading strategies should they implement to decarbonize their portfolios?

    Speaker: Jeff Williams

    Should oil and gas invest in what it knows or what it thinks will be?
    The oil and gas industry continues to be profitable, but the energy transition means that it faces unprecedented disruption and an uncertain future. On one hand, costs are falling and fracking is reducing supply concerns. On the other, competition from renewables is increasing. We’ve modeled four scenarios to help guide the bolder investment strategies today that will secure stronger profits tomorrow.

    Speaker: Andy Brogan

    Why the success of the energy transition depends on networks
    The world’s commitment to decarbonization may fail if network operators do not respond in time. Can they do more than merely keep pace with the new ways to generate, distribute and consume energy — and become catalysts of these changes? We reveal our thoughts on the key ingredients to successful transformation.

    Speaker: Serge Colle and Andrew Horstead

    Less fuel, more experience. How to develop a retail model that moves beyond fuel sales.
    Is there a future for fuel retail when electric vehicles dominate our roads? Leading oil and gas companies are embracing the potential of e-mobility to develop a radically different retail model that moves beyond fuel sales. Hear more about our perspective and how we’ve worked with clients in the Middle East to drive a new path forward.

    Speakers: Fay Shong

    When energy becomes abundant and (almost) free, what will energy companies sell?
    By 2027, energy companies are expected to lose US$80b in revenues due to distributed solar. Running distributed networks, coordinating prosumers and acting as flexibility providers are some of the new roles emerging, but capturing these opportunities will require energy companies to embrace collaboration, develop laser-like customer focus, and invest in digital and enabling technologies.

    Speaker: Thierry Mortier

    When electric transport takes charge, how can energy companies fast-track opportunities?
    Electric vehicles are accelerating fast, on track to make up almost 50% of all new car sales in some markets. This means more pressure on the grid, but the opportunities can potentially outpace any challenges. Embracing these will require energy companies to think beyond charging and embrace entirely new ways to capture value in the e-mobility revolution.

    Speaker: Thierry Mortier

    If the future is bright for natural gas, is it gas and oil now?
    The future is bright for natural gas, at least in the medium term, as it acts as a transition fuel in the journey to decarbonization. But its role in the longer term is less clear, making it difficult to make critical capital investment decisions. We’ve modeled scenarios to find answers to the biggest dilemmas of gas companies, including how quickly coal-fired generation will be replaced and which natural gas assets will compete best against renewables.

    Speaker: Victor Perez 

  • EY Tech – technology solution demonstrations

    The secret to a smooth, fast transition to SAP S/4 HANA
    Can you really be an agile organization if upgrading SAP takes you three years? Rethink your approach to updating enterprise-wide architecture with EY’s Intelligent Transformation Platform. A new digitally enabled transition solution developed by EY with SAP, that draws on digital tools to enable a smoother, cost-effective move to SAP S/4 HANA.

    Why your data-driven decision-making may still be missing the mark
    Can you really make data-driven decisions without a single view of your data? The EY Digital Boardroom is the next-generation platform for better, faster, proactive decision-making that draws on key, real-time insights from across your business. Built on SAP Analytics Cloud, Digital Boardroom provides a single source of truth for your entire organization, eliminating the boundaries of traditional analytics and planning.

    What if you could control your entire digital network from the palm of your hand?
    Leading a decarbonized, digitized and decentralized energy system requires new tools and a new mindset. We’ve worked with Microsoft to build EY UtilityWave — one business-centric platform that connects multiple legacy systems, new IoT devices and diverse sources of data to improve performance.

    How oil and gas companies can go DEEP with digital to tap in to greater savings
    EY has teamed with Microsoft to build a scalable Digital Energy-Enabled Platform — DEEP. DEEP digitally integrates key processes across the oil and gas value chain with a common data model to allow full extension of the platform across the organization. DEEP breaks down silos to integrate reservoir engineering to production planning, well operations to supply chain management, and land management to decommissioning; supports better decision-making; improves efficiency; and reduces time and cost.

  • EY Show – interactive showcases

    Who’s winning the race to a new energy world?
    All regions are hurtling toward a new energy world, but some will get there sooner than others. As the clock counts down, how ready are you? Using EY industry-first modeling of the factors changing the energy sector, our exciting data visualization shows you when three tipping points will hit your region.

    If you could see the future for oil and gas, what would you do differently today?
    Oil and gas companies face big dilemmas around where to invest and how to shift strategy in preparation for a decarbonized world. The EY NextWave experience uses Mural — a visual, collaborative tool — to overlay trends, economic principles, technologies and business models to develop forward-looking scenarios, helping you to make more informed decisions around how to transform, compete and win.

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Benoit Laclau

EY Global Energy Leader

Experienced energy leader and advisor.