Czech Republic

Radka Prokopová, Executive Director, and František Fabičovic, CEO, Alca plast, s.r.o.

When František Fabičovic met Radka Prokopová, he knew he had found a kindred spirit. They were both entrepreneurs who had come of age during communism and were determined to combine their skills and start a business together. Before long they were married, and by 1998, they had founded Alca plast, setting up shop in František’s garage.

From its humble beginnings, Alca plast has grown into a Slovak and Czech market leader in sanitary products. František and Radka have built a portfolio of 600 products, ranging from shower drains to toilet seats, which they export to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Alongside the couple’s passion for business is their dedication to nature preservation and sustainability. They are working hard to make their products fully recyclable and minimize the use of chemicals and energy. The two have also spent the past 20 years building the Obelisk Preserve, where they have planted forests and wetlands and succeeded in returning the land to its natural state.

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