Marat Zhuman, President, Atasu Group of Companies

Born in Kazakhstan, one of the largest countries in the world, Marat Zhuman soon came to appreciate the importance of good transportation links. His desire to feel connected to others grew into an ambitious goal “to overcome distances to connect countries and nations.” In 1998, he founded Atasu, a transport and logistics services company that offers reliable cargo transportation, by all modes of transport, to any global destination. Today it has 8,000 clients and an annual cargo turnover of 10 million tons.

Marat’s primary goal is not profit, but an emphasis on building long-term relationships with clients. He believes that Atasu’s major competitive advantage is its high level of service. In addition to transportation, the company offers logistics terminals, freight forwarding, courier handling, and broker and customs clearance services.

As a leader in the logistics sector, Atasu has benefited from the rapid growth in trade between China and Europe via Central Asia and Kazakhstan. To further expand its capacities, the company raised investments from the international CITIC Capital Silk Road Fund in 2018.

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