Eastern Africa (Kenya)

Narendra Raval, EBS (Guru), Founder and Chairman, Devki Group of Companies

Narendra Raval’s childhood dream was to fly in a helicopter. It was an impossible aspiration for a poor boy born in a tiny village in India whose family couldn’t afford to buy him shoes for school. Years later, as the founder of Devki Group, a multimillion-dollar steel manufacturer, Narendra not only learned to fly but bought his own helicopter

As a teenager, Narendra moved to Kenya to become a priest, but he later left the sect to get married and work in a steel factory. In 1986, Narendra became an entrepreneur when he and his wife started a small steel processing and trading outfit in Nairobi. That operation has grown into Devki Group, the largest construction materials company in East and Central Africa. The company manufactures steel products, cement, reinforcement bars and barbed wire, employing nearly 4,400 people.

Narendra says his success is due to “my courage, risk-taking nature, enthusiasm and my unstoppable dreams.” He is a devoted philanthropist, spending millions on scholarships for thousands of destitute children.

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