The Netherlands

John Huiberts, CEO, IGM Resins

John Huiberts founded a chemical coatings startup in 1999 in a highly competitive field — without any specialist knowledge of science. Since then, IGM Resins has become a market leader in ultraviolet (UV) varnish with 11 companies around the world and over 900 employees.

His inspiration for the business came after a chemist explained how UV varnish, which is used in everything from packaging materials to cell phones, allows paint to dry quickly under a UV lamp. John spotted a growth sector and launched IGM Resins as a trader of UV varnish. Over the past 20 years, IGM Resins has become a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of raw materials for inks, coatings and adhesives.

Part of IGM’s business strategy is to prove that green technology and superior performance go hand in hand. John says, “IGM invested in the environmentally friendly UV technology and introduced inks and paints that are healthier for the environment. IGM thus contributes to reducing both [volatile organic compound] emissions as well as energy consumption.”

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