Jeffrey Tiong, Founder and CEO, Patsnap

Jeffrey Tiong has an arresting way of describing the software company he founded in 2007: “We’re the character Q who provides all the high-tech gadgets to James Bond.” The gadget in this case is PatSnap, a revolutionary patents database that Jeffrey created fresh out of college. Today it is a global company serving 8,000 organizations in more than 40 countries.

PatSnap is an easy-to-use platform that essentially distills all the information typically consulted by R&D and IP teams, such as patents, scientific journals and litigation data, into easily accessible formats, insights and reports. It has been a game changer for R&D clients, and its customers now include NASA, China Mobile and Vodafone.

The company has more than 800 employees and has attracted over US$100m in funding, partly due to its unusual position of having operations in two of the world’s largest markets: China and the United States.

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