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Brad Keywell, CEO, Uptake Technologies, Inc.

A serial entrepreneur at heart, Brad Keywell says he has always been “a starter, rather than a joiner.” After successfully founding six companies, including Groupon, Brad was ready for his next venture. In 2014, he launched Uptake Technologies. Within four years, Brad has grown the predictive analytics software provider from a company of 50 employees to 450, and it has become the fastest startup to reach a US$2b valuation.

Uptake’s technology enables its clients to know when a piece of equipment is not performing well or about to break down. It analyzes data from sensors on industrial machinery and equipment and then uses data-science models to predict problems before they occur. The software can save companies millions of dollars by enabling them to look after their machinery better. Brad adds, “It helps companies reach new levels of productivity, reliability and safety.”

Brad and his wife, Kim, created the Keywell Foundation to support disruptive social entrepreneurs, and they signed The Giving Pledge in 2016, committing the majority of their wealth to philanthropy and giving back.

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