When the previously unimagined takes shape

Every aspect of life will soon be overtaken by disruption in sectors that have previously avoided it.

previously unimagined takes shape

Disruption continues to create challenges for businesses in many sectors, and it’s moving beyond the usual suspects of autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and blockchain. It won’t be long before every area of our life has been affected. For example, esports overtook baseball and basketball in 2012 and is now the second-most popular sport in the world behind soccer. It’s expected to take the top spot by 2026. 

Regardless of industry, companies and individuals can no longer avoid disruption. They need to establish a culture of innovation that can quickly ramp up new projects, says Nico Gabriel, Managing Director of Sixt, “being agile in starting pilots but also being agile in closing pilots.”

Innovation is becoming the province of both global players and individuals following their vision. “A good sense of optimism is common among highly creative teams,” says Jeff Wong, EY Global Chief Innovation Officer.