Mary Lynne Hedley, PhD

President and COO, TESARO

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In the eight years since Dr. Mary Lynne Hedley cofounded biopharmaceutical company TESARO, it has grown from 3 associates to nearly 700 employees on two continents and has achieved significant market capitalization. In January 2019, GlaxoSmithKline plc acquired TESARO for approximately US$5.1b in aggregate cash. This new partnership represents an important milestone in advancing TESARO’s mission of developing transformative therapies for individuals living with cancer.

Mary Lynne worked for a large pharmaceutical company before starting TESARO with Lonnie Moulder to focus on improving the quality of life for cancer patients. The company focuses on responsible development and commercialization of products in the gynecologic and lung cancer therapeutic areas. Since its inception, TESARO has brought two new drugs to the international market and has started clinical trials on several others. The company focuses not just on oncology but also supportive care for cancer patients. It has developed treatments for ovarian cancer, as well as medicine to minimize the nausea and vomiting that is often a side effect of chemotherapy.

Mary Lynne believes the company’s success is due to creating a clear sense of purpose for the TESARO associates, ultimately supporting them to achieve their professional potential and provide hope to patients and their families.

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