EY Global Snapshot for Mobility

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EY Global Snapshot for Mobility helps organisations return safely and compliantly to travel by providing up-to-date country-specific information on immigration requirements, tax positions, safety and quarantine measures implemented in response to COVID-19.

What EY can do for you

COVID-19 has resulted in a confusing and ever-changing Mobility landscape.  Organisations have a new duty of care towards employees being asked to travel. They need to ensure that the return to both domestic and international travel is compliant with COVID-19 restrictions to enable effective and informed decisions.

In the new normal, people require access to up-to-date, country-specific information on travel restrictions, immigration requirements and quarantine measures. This needs to be on-going for businesses to return to full operational capability.

EY Global Snapshot for Mobility is an online database that provides up-to-date answers to all your cross-border questions to support you through COVID-19 recovery and beyond with a wide range of topics from visa extensions to school closures.

Key benefits of Global Snapshot for Mobility 

  1. Breadth of topics: Integrates information on travel, immigration, tax, health and safety measures, all into one user-friendly platform.
  2. Employer/employee view: Most solutions in the market provide travel/tax/immigration guidance to employers but our solution is unique in providing an employee portal where employees can get guidance on a range of topics from domestic travel to the impact on their work/study start dates given the travel restrictions.
  3. Extensive, exclusive content on health and safety: Using data from WorldAware gives detailed practical coverage on what restrictions are in place on the ground in each location. This brings additional data points including domestic travel restrictions (suspensions of domestic flights, public buses, taxi systems), localised quarantine measures, bank/university/park openings, health screenings, etc to ensure your travellers can understand what their experience will be like on arrival.
  4. Knowledge: We draw on specialist EY guidance such as immigration insight for different business travel/work scenarios, ensuring you understand on a practical basis whether travel is likely to be possible. We understand that these combined data points aren’t available anywhere else on a single portal.
  5. Frequency of updates: EY take responsibility to update all the content at least once a week. 

How it works

  1. Select the content modules which would be most beneficial to you and your employees.
  2. Registration to the portal is quick and easy, after which your employees can access the wealth of information in EY Global Snapshot for Mobility.
  3. EY will not collect any private or sensitive information for the registration. 

What it delivers

  • Integrated platform, with information on travel, immigration, tax, health and safety measures all in one place - from social distancing requirements to whether schools are closed
  •  Interactive heatmap
  • Comparison of multiple countries and their restrictions in a single matrix
  • Consumer grade technology and user experience

If you are looking for a solution to enable the business and your employees to return to mobility safely, please contact the team to learn more about EY Global Snapshot for Mobility and to request a demo.

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