19 Feb 2020
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EYARC Access - February 2020

By EY Americas

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19 Feb 2020
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Hello faculty friends,

In this month that we celebrate love and appreciation for those that we care about, I'm sending you my warmest thanks for being a part of the EYARC family! I've heard from so many of you about the progress you are making with advancements to your curriculum to foster development of the mindsets and competencies that are important for your students to be best prepared for the profession. I've also heard that you are finding the EYARC resources helpful in that effort. It's warmed my heart and provided even more inspiration for continued investment, so thank you!

I wanted to share some new curriculum offerings since I last connected:

  • Analytics mindset case, BioPhirma
  • Innovation mindset case, Robotics Process Automation-Audit Sample Selection
  • Innovation mindset presentation and video content, Intro to Blockchain

As always, you are welcome to share this communication with any colleague you believe would be interested. I would be happy to set up an EYARC account for them if they do not have one.

Kind regards,

Catherine Banks
Director, Ernst & Young Foundation and Academic Resource Center

EYARC curriculum materials

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This Analytics mindset case study is suitable for an accounting information systems, auditing, fraud or data analytics course. This four-part case asks students to perform descriptive and text analyses on purchasing card data for BioPhirma, an innovative, global health care leader, to assess compliance with policies and to help investigate a whistle-blower tip about possible fraud being committed through purchasing card transactions.

This case includes a real data set of over 82,000 transactions covering over 10,600 vendors and over 1,200 purchasing card users. The case is offered in Alteryx, which is a powerful tool for both ETL and data analytics. We provide instructions to obtain free academic licensing for you and your students. The case is designed to be flexible to use with other tools as well. The case is accompanied with how-to videos as well.

See the User guide for more information.

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This Innovation mindset case study asks students to automate the selection of a sample of expenses for testing for audit purposes based on: (1) a systematic selection of key transactions above or below a specified threshold and (2) a random selection of non-key transactions that do not meet the specified threshold. The case also requires students to automate the documentation of the selection procedures performed within audit working papers.

Data is provided to students in .csv and Excel files. This case is offered in UiPath and accompanied with how-to videos. We provide instructions to obtain free academic licensing for you and your students. This case can also be used with other RPA software. This case is now included in the series of RPA case study offerings provided by the EYARC. Students are encouraged to complete the overview case first before completing this case. 

See the User guide for more information on this case and the other RPA curriculum materials available to you.

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Innovation mindset: Intro to blockchain

This Innovation mindset material includes a presentation with slides and a video that can introduce your students to blockchain technology, including coverage of key terms and concepts, trends and use cases. 

Beyond this offering, additional blockchain curriculum materials are available to you as well on the main blockchain topic page of the EYARC site that includes more extensive presentations and videos covering:

  • Current blockchain trends and EY's vision for blockchain technology
  • Business use applications and technology solutions for blockchain
  • Accounting and auditing issues around this emerging technology

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By EY Americas

Multidisciplinary professional services organization

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