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EYARC Access Newsletter June 2021

By EY Americas

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10 minute read 14 Jun 2021

Hello EYARC friends,

Happy June to you! I'm excited to share with you new curriculum offerings that are now available, including an entire module on a new topic, the ethics mindset; an analytics mindest case study on digital assets (featuring the EY Helix Blockchain Analyzer for Public Networks for Students); an innovation mindset case series on process mining; a professional development virtual interviewing module; and resources from our Tax Educators Symposium. More details are provided below.

A reminder that we launched a new website last Fall so please make certain that you have our EYARC site correctly bookmarked.

  • If you need your access reinstated, please send us your name, school, the email you use to login to your school's network and a link to your online faculty profile to eyarc@ey.com.
  • If you have any access issues, we have a team ready to help so just email us at eyarc@ey.com

Kind regards,

Catherine Banks
Director, Ernst & Young Foundation and Academic Resource Center

EYARC Access webinars

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Sign up today for exciting new webinars starting this month!

Below are webinars scheduled for June. Two hours of CPE will be provided for each webinar.

  • Thursday, June 10 1:00-2:40 PM ET - An overview of the new EYARC website, current topics and ways to innovate your courses with EYARC curriculum.
  • Thursday, June 10 3:00-4:40 PM ET - An overview of the EYARC Ethics mindset curriculum module and hands on with the case, Ethics in a learning environment.
  • Thursday, June 24 1:00-2:40 PM ET - An overview of auditing digital assets in practice; an overview and hands on with the EYARC Digital Assets case (EY Blockchain Analyzer for Public Networks for Students); and an overview of academic support from the TIBCO Academic Alliance. 
  • Thursday, June 24 3:00-4:40 PM ET - An overview of process mining in practice, including demo of EY tool, DevOps; An overview of all EYARC Process Mining cases and selective hands on; and an overview of academic support from the Celonis Academic Alliance.

EYARC curriculum materials

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Ethics mindset module

In today's digital age, there are new realities and vulnerabilities to navigate regarding ethics. Additionally, ethics in the profession have never been more important. This curriculum material is designed to provide students with an understanding of these new realities and to introduce them to the ethics mindset and its importance as they begin their professional journey while they are in the college setting. 

To have an ethics mindset, students learn they must:

  • Desire to do what is right
  • Understand what is right and wrong
  • Avoid doing what is wrong
  • Commit to and do what is right

The curriculum materials include lecture notes, presentation slides, videos, discussion exercises and a framework. The framework includes the definition of the ethics mindset (with an accompanying visual), principles that underlie each component of the definition, and techniques to help develop the ethics mindset. 

There is also a series of cases that will help students develop their ethics mindset more in depth:

  • Ethics in a learning environment
  • The slippery slope
  • Sharing data and information
  • Inspire yourself and others
  • Social media

This content is appropriate to utilize in any course. See the User guide for more information.

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Digital assets case

This is a five-part case in which students are asked to assume the role of an auditor for Digital Assets Inc., a company that transacts with cryptocurrency.

EY has develop a leading-class analytics platform, EY Helix, for use by its Assurance practice to leverage new analytics techniques and technologies to enhance quality and drive efficiency in the audit. EY Helix is a proprietary tool and it is not available for the classroom. However, the EYARC has developed EY Helix Blockchain Analyzer for Public Networks for Students, a simplified tool based on elements of the EY Blockchain Analyzer within the EY Helix platform designed specifically for the classroom using TIBCO Spotfire via the cloud (no software is required for use). The tool helps students simulate real-world analytics procedures by using similar data, analyses and tools used by professional auditors.

In this case, students will learn basics about blockchain and digital assets; accounting for cryptocurrencies; auditor's responsibilities and audit risk assessment regarding cryptocurrency transactions; use of public blockchain data; and how to user their audit tool to audit the company's cryptocurrency transactions.

The curriculum materials include presentation slides, case study and solutions, video and the student audit tool.

See the User guide for more information.

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Process mining cases

These innovation and analytics mindset materials include a series of cases focused on giving students an introduction to process mining to show students how this emerging technology and its application can help business professionals better understand and visualize how business processes actually occur compared to how they are expected to occur. Suitable courses for usage include accounting information systems, data analytics, managerial and auditing.

  • The Introduction case provides students an overview of process mining and its application, required data, visualizations, roles, vendors, and benefits and challenges.
  • Document the process case requires students to make a flowchart of an order-to-cash business process based on a provided narrative.
  • Build the dataset case requires students to query a provided database to create the data set needed for the process mining analysis using SQL or Microsoft Access.
  • Build the dashboards case requires students to learn the process of building dashboards in a walkthrough format using Celonis software.
  • Analyze the process cases 1 and 2 require students to use prepared dashboards to analyze the order-to-cash process.

The cases are accompanied by how-to videos. See the User guide for more information.

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Professional development: Virtual interviewing module

In preparing to enter today's ever-changing workforce, students need to keep up with new interviewing techniques to put their best self forward to successfully launch their career. Virtual interviews are utilized by EY and other organizations more in the hiring process than ever before.

These curriculum materials are designed to help students learn more about the virtual interviewing process and provide them with practical tips to effectively prepare for the most commonly used formats of virtual interviewing. It also provides an opportunity for students to practice virtual interviewing. The materials include a user guide, slides, handouts and exercises. See the User guide for more information.

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Tax Educators Symposium resources

Presentations and videos from the 2020 Tax Educators Symposium are available on the following topics:

  • Tax accounting update
  • Tax in the time of COVID-19
  • A view from Washington, DC

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