7 Oct 2019
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EYARC Access - September 2019

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7 Oct 2019
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It's been a while since I've communicated with you, but we've been busy here at EYARC generating new content focused on development of both the innovation and analytics mindsets and I'm so excited to share it!

First, we have videos and presentation materials from our 2019 EYARC Colloquium focused on blockchain, as well as the digital audit. I think you'll find the insights shared to be of great help in understanding the progress in the profession around innovation and emerging technologies.

Second, we have a variety of new curriculum materials. For the Innovation mindset, we have robotics process automation lecture notes, a presentation deck and hands-on case studies using UiPath software. For the Analytics mindset, we have 11 new cases! One focuses on analysis of bank investment portfolios and the remaining 10 focus on the extract, transform and load fundamental procedures. Solutions are available in Excel, Tableau and Alteryx.

All of these materials can be found on our EYARC site, with more details below.

You are welcome to share this newsletter with any colleague you believe would be interested. I would be happy to set up an EYARC account for them if they do not have one.

Kind regards,

Catherine Banks
Director, Ernst & Young Foundation and Academic Resource Center

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EYARC Colloquium materials


Learn about current blockchain trends and EY's vision for blockchain technology. Gain insights into business use applications and technology solutions. Learn about the accounting and auditing issues to consider around this emerging technology as well. See the Innovation mindset curriculum page on the EYARC site for this content.

10x acceleration of the audit
10x acceleration of the audit

Learn how EY is striving to accelerate the digital audit to be 10 times faster, 10 times simpler and 10 times better. Gain insights from clients experiencing this transformation and the usefulness they see in this process, as well as the opportunities and challenges for the future. See the Innovation mindset or Audit curriculum pages on the EYARC site for this content.

EYARC curriculum materials

Extract, transform and load

These Analytics mindset materials include a series of cases focused on foundational ETL procedures, so they are suitable for any course that teaches about the ETL process. The materials include the following:

  • The Overview case covers fundamental considerations in the ETL process and requires students to confirm their understanding. This case can be used as an assessment tool.
  • Five hands-on cases:
    • Case 1: Identifying data problems
    • Case 2: Basic text extractions and unique identifiers
    • Case 3: Advanced text extractions and unique identifiers
    • Case 4: Joining data
    • Case 5: Using VBA to transform data

These cases are offered in Excel and Alteryx and use real-world data. The cases are accompanied by how-to videos. See the User guide for more information.

Robotics process automation

These Innovation mindset materials include lecture notes and slides that provide an introduction to key RPA concepts, implementation considerations, applications in practice, an overview of vendors and a tool walk-through. There also is a series of five cases, including:

  • The Overview case challenges students to research and brainstorm the impact of RPA on accounting and business.
  • Three hands-on cases require students to develop bots to address accounting and business-based scenarios, including billing, tax form preparation and sales reporting. 
  • The culminating case, Bot-a-thon, gives students the freedom to identify their own process to automate, and then requires them to develop the bot. This case can be used as a form of competition. A grading rubric is provided.

These cases are offered in UiPath and accompanied with how-do videos. See the User guide for more information.

Bank investment portfolios

This Analytics mindset case study is suitable for a financial accounting course (that covers investment accounting) or a data analytics course. In this case, students will learn more about the classification, measurement and recognition of debt investments; the economics and valuation of debt investments; and consider the influence of banking regulations (Basel III in the US) and reporting incentives on accounting judgments.  

This case includes real-world, quarterly investment portfolio and capital ratios data from approximately 5,000 US banking institutions covering the period from 2009 through 2018.

This case is offered in Tableau and is accompanied by how-to videos. See the User guide for more information.

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