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Purpose Realized places purpose and vision at the center of human-centric transformations by weaving in an intentional, values-driven narrative into activities and initiatives across the organization.

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Leaders rarely wake up thinking they are missing purpose; they wake up seeking solutions to challenges, which activating a “North Star” of purpose can help solve. Purpose Realized helps organizations transform business challenges into a movement by placing the combined power of purpose and vision, and the science of human behavior, at the center of your transformation to accelerate and drive sustainable change.

The ROI is clear. Organizations that rally around a noble cause are more trusted, realizing the benefits of more loyal customers and employees and outperforming those that do not.

Our approach places purpose at the center of human-centric transformations by weaving an intentional, values-driven narrative into all organizational activities. Leaders rarely wake up thinking they are missing purpose; they wake up seeking solutions to challenges, which by activating a “North Star” of purpose and vision can help solve.

A clearly articulated purpose can be used as an input for each step of a transformation, including those focused on finance, employees, customers or broader society.

It is our belief that the success of any growth, shift or transformation, including technology-focused programs, hinges on the success of people. Most of us are motivated by feeling inspired, trusted, valued and fulfilled; the power of purpose helps grow and promote these feelings within your organization and motivates people to take action, drive change and sustain momentum.

The Purpose Realized approach is simple: we create a movement around your organization’s reason for being so that your people thrive. We believe that when you take care of your people, your people take care of the rest. With a clear purpose to inspire them, a vision to guide them and clear values woven throughout all aspects of your organization to take care of them, your employees transform along with the rest of your organization.

Supported by broad and deep EY capabilities, Purpose Realized uniquely helps accelerate your transformation through the following areas:

  • Discover your Purpose Story (“the Way”) – Our established methodology helps organizations discover their purpose, vision and values and articulate it as a compelling narrative for your employees, customers and communities.
  • Grow infinite leaders – Our leadership programs help your leaders embody your Way to inspire the transformation movement.
    Build dynamic and trusting teams – Movements are only sustainable if your teams trust each other and the organization. Our approach includes the tools and technigues to establish trust and enhance performance.
  • Ignite organizational social movements – Our change management approach helps create the environment for your teams to feel safe, innovate and drive your transformation.
  • Develop passionate storytellers – Discovering your organization’s Way is the first step, it’s the sharing of the story in a compelling manner that moves the organization.
  • Drive perception, motivation and behavior change – When humans are motivated by an authentic organization that is consistent with what they say and do, human perceptions shift and human behaviors begin to change. Our approach understands the role that motivation and perception play so that you achieve your desired outcomes.

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