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EY Innovation Studio (EYIS) engages companies across the food and ag ecosystem to navigate the present and reframe the future in the reimagined food system. Through immersive experiences, executives can network across the ecosystem, pushing boundaries on transformational growth opportunities.

What EY Innovation Studio can do for you

The food and agriculture ecosystem is being reimagined. Tariffs, a challenging regulatory environment and a global pandemic have accelerated the pace of change, calling for food and agribusinesses to think differently.

A reimagined food system addresses a not-so-distant future where food is personal, purposeful and connected; where demand is driven by the consumer and where there is a greater connection between producers and consumers. Understanding consumer preferences today can help position food and agriculture companies to find opportunities and serve as market leaders tomorrow. Effectively navigating asset reconfiguration, supply chain, digitization of the consumer experience and sustainability requires breaking through the silos to work across the value chain.

EY Innovation Studio immerses executive leaders from across the food value chain — producers, processers, distributors, startups, retailers, financial services organizations and academia — into the future ecosystem to shape their own story. EYIS is a key element of the EY Food System Reimagined platform, which takes an in-depth look at how the increasingly connected source-to-consume network and changing consumer demands are reshaping players across the industry.

Through the yearlong EYIS program, participants will learn, connect and discover ways to modernize their position as a market leader in the food system of the future. Through diverse perspectives and interactive, innovation-centric experiences, executives can push the boundaries on transformational, high-growth opportunities.

Executives are looking for new avenues to connect with each other to spark systemic change, creating opportunities for the future of the industry and their businesses. EYIS creates the space for companies to:

  1. Explore the future of their organization, the industry and emerging technology
  2. Uncover and identify opportunities for innovation
  3. Prioritize concepts for transformational, high-growth opportunities
  4. Engage in interactive, immersive and innovation-centric experiences addressing the most pressing industry issues

EYIS serves as the engine to spark positive transformation in food and agriculture by bringing together the food and agriculture ecosystem with sector knowledge, experience and skill from agribusiness, consumer goods, retail, health care, life sciences, manufacturing and technology to explore a reimagined food system.

Let’s navigate the rapid reframing of the global food system to solve today’s challenges and build strong, resilient roots for tomorrow.

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