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Enter a fast-paced world of raising, investing, preserving, or optimizing capital. You’ll drive growth and value as a connected capital advisor.

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EY TAS helps foster growth and prosperity, creating economic and social value, and is building the next generation of talent around the globe.

Julie Hood

EY Global Deputy Vice Chair – Transaction Advisory Services

Create a better business future in Transaction Advisory Services

If you understand capital and how to make it work harder, then you’ll take a seat at the table of some of the world’s largest, fastest-growing businesses and most influential private equity firms.

Working in diverse, high-performing teams, you’ll enable companies to accelerate their growth by advising on connected capital solutions: strategy, corporate finance, buy and integrate, sell and separate, and reshaping results. You can become a powerhouse of transactions’ knowledge and work across some of the most complex deals in the global market.

Drive both economic and social value to help deliver purpose over profit by helping clients to make better capital decisions. You won’t just see the impact, you’ll feel it too.

Career opportunities

  • Investment banking

    You'll help leading organizations to realize their strategic objectives in many areas such as acquisitions, divestitures/disposals, mergers, capital increases and more. You’ll be responsible for project-managing the steps, assisting in negotiations and measuring transaction implications.

    You’ll gain a deep understanding of industries and market trends so you can add value through leading business reviews, acquisitions, leveraged transactions, disposals, takeovers and mergers. These types of transactions are significant to any organization as it grows, transforms and matures.

  • Infrastructure Advisory

    You’ll help public sector clients procure infrastructure-related projects and help private sector clients structure and finance deals.

    You’ll evaluate new service options, develop financial models, negotiate funding and provide advice to secure the most competitive terms.

  • Restructuring

    You’ll help provide recommendations to address urgent and important business problems at all stages of the business life cycle. You’ll do this by supporting boards and executive teams, lenders or other financial stakeholders when internal or external change, profitability, and/or liquidity issues threaten the stability of a business.

    Your clients will be in challenging or event-driven situations, so your focus will be on quickly identifying and understanding not only their financial and operational issues, but also how their business and industry works, before making decisions and acting accordingly.

  • Valuation, modeling and economics

    You’ll help clients understand the value of their business, securities, intellectual property, real estate, capital equipment, intangibles and other assets. Further, you’ll work with businesses to develop models using alternative operational assumptions and financing structures that incorporate key risks and uncertainties.

    Using strong analytical skills, experience and judgment, you'll assist your clients in finding solutions to their most complex financial issues. This includes providing modeling support for strategic decisions, mergers and acquisitions, project finance, private equity deals, pricing, and bid evaluation and restructuring.

  • Strategy and operations services

    You’ll provide a broad spectrum of front-end strategic advice to help clients' reach their full potential as they navigate market disruptions and technological change. This covers growth strategy, transaction strategy and operations strategy. You’ll work on complex c-suite issues that will become front-page news.

    You’ll uncover business insights, perform market research, build financial models and conduct complex data analyses to identify insights related to your client’s business. Through proactively identifying both internal and external opportunities, you’ll be able to quickly navigate new, emerging and disruptive market forces and trends.

  • Transaction diligence and analytics

    You’ll provide financial and analytic due diligence to identify key drivers, improve deal structures, reduce risks and challenge assumptions about future performance.

    You’ll advise clients across the transaction lifecycle — from strategic assessment to implementation and post-deal integration. Using both historical data and predictive and social media analytics, you’ll help companies focus on deal drivers that pose the most investment risk or opportunity for return. You’ll also offer insight into a target company’s competitive positioning, product mix, operations, customer relationships and future outlook.

  • International tax and transaction services

    Combining both cross-border experience with local tax knowledge, you’ll guide clients to make informed decisions and navigate the tax implications of their transaction. This will allow them to limit transaction risk, enhance opportunity and provide crucial negotiation insights.

    You'll advise companies and private equity investors on all tax aspects of their transactions across a wide range of industries and geographies. You'll also work alongside restructuring colleagues to advise companies in financial difficulties, including those in formal insolvency proceedings, on sales of non-core businesses to restore their balance sheets.

Industries we serve

We focus on a variety of industries, including but not limited to: automotive, government and public sector, consumer products, media and entertainment, oil and gas, power and utilities and technology. Learn more.

Additionally, we have built a dominant position and focus on financial services through our Financial Services Organization (FSO). Candidates who join the FSO will focus exclusively with financial services clients and will have opportunities to serve leading investment banks, retail and commercial banks, insurers and investment managers.

What is Transaction Advisory Services?

How organizations manage their capital today will define their competitive position tomorrow.

In a rapidly changing, increasingly digital and disrupted business environment, EY TAS teams support the flow of capital across borders, bringing new products to market, and helping organizations to reshape themselves for a better future. With global scale and connectivity, we can help clients navigate complexity and build a better working world, by fostering inclusive growth, prosperity and social value.

    Transaction Advisory Services in practice

    To address clients’ toughest challenges, we bring together the right people, in the right locations – diverse thinkers working together to achieve team goals and provide highly integrated, connected solutions. 

    Across all disciplines and from every angle, we draw on our shared creativity, experience and different perspectives to bring out the best in each other’s ideas.

    We guide clients to make better, more informed decisions as they buy, sell, separate, integrate, reshape, restructure or rethink their business strategy. TAS teams bring together professionals across industries and geographies to evaluate clients’ capital agendas, helping us address their most complex issues in an integrated way.

    We advised a global healthcare company to sell a non-core company in order to invest in digital. We helped a North African country to become a world leader in solar energy, thanks to our financing services. We advised on the successful merger of two brewing giants in record time. We helped a telecom provider reshape their portfolio to fund future growth opportunities. We used analytics and business modelling to improve the efficiency of one of the busiest ports in the world. These are just a few examples of what EY experience can help accomplish.

    With your global business acumen and cultural intelligence, your agility and innovation, and your capacity to deal with ambiguity, you’ll have the chance to work on projects like these and help build a better working world.

    We help clients work more efficiently and effectively, and sustain their long-term health. The commercial and economic benefits of what we do are well understood. But the direct impact on communities and societal benefits of what we do are often less well-known.

    Steve Krouskos

    EY Global Vice Chair – Transaction Advisory Services

    Driving deals through digital

    We help clients work through what their organization is today and what it could be tomorrow by embracing a digital transactions mindset. In TAS, you’ll be part of a team that leads digital change through four key areas:

    • Strategy and ecosystem – You’ll help clients identify new partners and M&A targets to support their digital growth.
    • Capital and portfolio review – You’ll advise clients on how to get their capital allocation balance right by continuously reviewing their business portfolio so they’re making the right investments and divestments.
    • Deal process – You’ll deploy a deep analysis of new types of diligence when evaluating a target. This might include undertaking cyber diligence or applying intellectual property analysis. 
    • Integration – You’ll work with companies to target multiple digital assets simultaneously, and guide their integration to help deliver maximum value quickly.

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