Gen Z: society’s change agents

Gen Z is redefining cultural norms and challenging business assumptions. Understanding what drives them can help unlock future growth.

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While Gen Z are often mistaken for the millennials who came before them, this generation’s values and basic desires actually more closely resemble that of the “silent” or “greatest generation” (born before 1946). This resilient generation persevered through war, geopolitical turmoil and constant financial strife throughout their formative years. Its members stood behind their values, offering their service to support the causes they believed in. They sought stability and safety, and were motivated to work hard to build the modest but secure life they desired.

Gen Z, too, has come of age in a time where they have had a front-row seat to unprecedented global crises. They’ve been forced to learn not to take anything for certain. They are driven. They are purposeful. And they’re not going to conform to past standards.

How can societal change drive the next business shift?

Societal and generational dynamics drive transformation in business and ultimately change how we live, work and play. Companies can start to prepare for the shifts in front of us that will reshape customer and employee experiences.

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