Generational Dynamics

Generations provide a lens to help us understand societal changes over time and the business shifts required to keep up with evolving human needs.
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Anticipate what comes next by better understanding the generational dynamics already changing your workforce and consumer landscape.

Amid a global pandemic, economic and geopolitical uncertainties, environmental catastrophes, and the constant blitz of emerging technologies, mapping out the next five years for your business has become a complex puzzle riddled with ambiguity. The future, however, is already being written in the present.

The needs of humans — of society at large — are changing before our eyes. Unlocking both the risk and the opportunities in this flood of change requires an understanding of the people driving the societal shifts affecting us all. Today, they are Gen Z, with Gen Alpha rising fast behind them. Youth is a lens by which we can begin to understand the current early indicators of change for all generations, all companies and all society.

Generations are borne from change. Each reflects the culture they grew up in, including the changing social, technological, environmental, economic and political norms that framed their understanding of how the world is supposed to operate. How are younger generations already influencing change in how we live, work and play? How are older generations rethinking their role as consumers, employees and citizens because of it?

In all aspects of business, and particularly now in the era of emerging technologies such as generative artificial intelligence and Web3, understanding generational dynamics is a means to developing the human-centric strategies that will be crucial as we look ahead to the future. The path forward for your organization and broader society depends on it.

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    How can societal change drive the next business shift?

    Societal and generational dynamics drive transformation in business and ultimately change how we live, work and play. Companies can start to prepare for the shifts in front of us that will reshape customer and employee experiences.

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    Anticipate what comes next by better understanding the generational dynamics already changing your workforce and consumer landscape.