Operations leaders’ agenda

In times of global business disruption, operations leaders should seize the opportunity to build enterprise resilience, drive transformation and reframe the future of their organizations.

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EY named a Supply Chain leader in ALM Intelligence Pacesetter Research 2021-2022


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Five actions supply chain and operations management can take today

An increasing number of disruptions are stressing supply chains and impacting business performance. External pressures from stakeholders are also driving operations management and strategy leaders to seek supply chain solutions to help them become more resilient, sustainable, secure and transparent. Here are five actions to make the digital and autonomous supply chain a reality:

Welcome to the future of supply chain

Learn about the impact of digitalization, the need for supply chain reinvention to meet the demands of today's digital world and what the future of supply chain looks like.

EY Supply Chain Intelligence Platform

The EY Supply Chain Intelligence Platform brings the visibility needed to enable a networked and resilient supply chain for today and for the future. Now you can analyze the entire breadth of your supply chain to better align with your business priorities.