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EY Americas Corporate Responsibility: FY23 Social Impact Report

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One billion. That’s how many lives our global corporate responsibility program, EY Ripples, is aiming to impact by 2030. Our core priorities represent the intersection of societal needs, the skills of our people and our business strategy.

Our culture of citizenship and commitment to drive lasting change for individuals and communities propel us forward. We are excited to share the progress we’ve made and highlight individuals whose lives we have positively impacted. We hope they inspire you to get involved and support our purpose of building a better working world.

Are you ready to start a ripple effect and help create a wave of change, one life at a time?

FY23 by the numbers

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    • 43,700 EY Ripples participants
    • 13.5 million lives impacted
    • 275,000 volunteer hours invested
    • $65.9 million donated
    • 20 participating countries across the Americas

EY Ripples Regional Spotlight 

Within our regional approach, local offices help drive our people’s involvement in EY Ripples and effect change in the most impactful way for their communities. 

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    In FY23, 3,100+ EY participants positively impacted 1.5m+ lives in Canada.

    In FY23, 34,500+ EY participants positively impacted 10.5m+ lives in the United States.

    In FY23, 600+ EY participants positively impacted 16,000+ lives in Israel.

    In FY23, 5,300+ EY participants positively impacted 1.4m+ lives in Latin America.

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Download the report

EY Americas Corporate Responsibility FY23 Social Impact Report outlines our progress and features stories of the individuals whose lives have been positively impacted.


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