CARES Act/COVID-19 Rapid Response Assessment

While some organizations have built well-orchestrated COVID-19 crisis management centers, many are still in the early stages of standing up an enterprise-wide response. We have developed a rapid diagnostic assessment that will help organizations identify the cohesion of their response to COVID-19 and how the CARES Act fits in.

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How EY can help you

EY Rapid Response Workshop is a virtual session designed to engage stakeholders across the enterprise simultaneously. It will accelerate speed to outcome through collaborative exercises.

  • Convene the digital forum: host a shared experience that improves collective buy-in
  • Drive stakeholder engagement: leverage interactive brainstorming technology to create engagement
  • Accelerate speed of response: drive speed to outcomes through coordinated voting

Upon completion of the rapid assessment, we will create a high-level plan of action. Based upon our assessment, we have the following scenario planning and analytics capabilities to further assess various components of your business:

  • Advanced modeling tools
    • Optimizing capital
    • Third-party resilience
    •  People as an asset
  • Browsers and analytics access
    • Tax relief tools
    • Compliance as a service
    • International monitoring

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