Customer and brand

COVID-19 enterprise resilience checklist

Businesses that create more meaningful customer relationships during times of crisis have been proven to outperform the competition over the long term. Use EY checklists and insights to help build customer loyalty and strengthen your brand now, next and beyond.

Key considerations

These are key focus areas in the near term:

  • Research impact by customer segment
  • Conduct scenario analysis to model demand changes
  • Understand customer liquidity impacts
  • Perform immediate brand sentiment analysis
  • Communicate with empathy and clarity
  • Immediately address any tone-deaf communications
  • Mitigate product supply issues
  • Align communications with sentiment analysis
  • Use analytics for targeted and empathetic campaigns
  • Expand digital resources and access for virtual sales and service
  • Enhance network capacity to handle increased digital demand
  • Mobilize virtual agile development practices

Organizations are preparing themselves to be able to operate in a new normal.

  • Consider non-crisis-related communications
  • Continue to provide transparent and empathetic communications
  • Create, revise and enhance digital customer journeys
  • Prepare capacity and content for self-service and digital sales
  • Enable remote experiences with a personal touch
  • Shore up capability for digital payments

Reinvention and the pursuit of new sources of value over the long term are key.

  • Provide ongoing brand sentiment tracking
  • Prepare for recovery campaigns
  • Realign brand messaging with recovery
  • Promote reflective communications on learnings and the optimistic future
  • Invest in emerging digital technologies
  • Embed automation in operations (configure price quote, order execution, fulfillment)

Lead through the COVID-19 crisis

We have a clear view of the critical questions and new answers required for effective business continuity and resilience.


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