Entrepreneur Of The Year US National Award winner

Haroon Mokhtarzada | Truebill (now Rocket Money)


Truebill (now Rocket Money)

Haroon Mokhtarzada
Co-Founder and CEO
Silver Spring, Maryland
Founded: 2015
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When Haroon Mokhtarzada and his brother considered problems that they could solve, Mokhtarzada’s mind turned to the money wasted on unneeded or overlooked subscriptions. Leveraging his brother’s experience building financial tech, they developed an algorithm that could identify subscriptions in bank transactions. They tested the app on themselves, and Mokhtarzada was shocked to learn he was paying for security on a house he no longer owned. Truebill and its innovative one-click cancellation feature were born.

Mokhtarzada is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of successful products, ranging from web hosting company Freewebs to the Muslim dating app Minder. Since emigrating from Afghanistan to the US at age 3, his entrepreneurial spirit has driven him to open lemonade stands and a lawn-mowing business as a kid. Mokhtarzada eventually launched his first startup while attending Harvard Law School.

From his childhood as a striving immigrant, Mokhtarzada understood the value of a dollar. He knew that helping people hold on to the money they were wasting on value-less subscriptions would meaningfully improve the financial lives of millions of people. However, when he opted to make Truebill subscription-based, the irony wasn’t lost on him, so he introduced Truebill’s “pay what you think is fair” subscription fee. 

Over the years, Truebill’s scope has grown to encompass a range of personal finance services, allowing people to lower their bills, track their spending and improve their financial health. That combination interested Rocket, which recently acquired the company. While Mokhtarzada is staying on for a period, he is looking forward to finding the next problem to solve.