Entrepreneur Of The Year US National Award winner

Mat Ishbia | United Wholesale Mortgage


United Wholesale Mortgage

Mat Ishbia
Chairman and CEO
Pontiac, Michigan
Founded: 1986

As leader of the largest wholesale mortgage company in the US, Mat Ishbia credits his success to lessons from college basketball and his parents. On the court, he learned to ignore the scoreboard and play the game. At home, his parents told him to do right by people. Considering the monumental revenue growth of United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) and its record-setting SPAC IPO, following those lessons has been a winning strategy.

Today, UWM is a major force in real estate loans, with over 9,000 employees. It’s a far cry from the company Ishbia joined as a clerk, when he was the 12th hire and his dad was the boss. As a walk-on for the Michigan State University basketball team, Ishbia was an underdog who fought for opportunities to play. He approached UWM with the same ethos, rising in the ranks through long hours and hard work before buying the company in 2018 and reinventing it with technology investments that streamlined the mortgage process.

While Ishbia thrives on competition, he prioritizes treating people well and supports his employees through personal outreach and companywide teambuilding efforts. He applies that principle to his community, too. When he relocated UWM to his hometown of Pontiac, Michigan, he declined tax incentives offered by the city and instead asked Pontiac to re-invest the tax dollars in the community. As UWM grew, Ishbia’s robust charity efforts and outreach garnered positive attention locally, while his record-setting personal donations to his alma mater, Michigan State University, made headlines statewide.

Ishbia continues to look for new ways to do right by his customers. UWM’s tech-first focus allows the lender to turn around mortgages faster than its competitors while offering lower rates. He hopes that UWM’s continued investments in technology will further reduce the timing and provide even better service to customers.