Meet the judges

The success of the program relies on the efforts of our independent panel of judges. These past Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award recipients and civic and community leaders devote significant effort to review and deliberate the merits of each nominee. We deeply appreciate their dedication to this process.

EOY Darin Anderson

Darin Anderson, Chairman and CEO
Salas O'Brien
Award winner 2016

EOY Murray Rudin

Murray Rudin, Managing Director
Riordan, Lewis &Haden

EOY Nazli Azimi

Nazli Azimi, Pharm.D., Ph.D., Founder & CEO
Bioniz Therapeutics, Inc

EOY Peter Nguyen

Peter Nguyen, Founder & CEO
AD Exchange Group
Award winner 2018

EOY Lawrence Armstrong

Lawrence Armstrong, Chairman
Ware Malcomb
Award winner 2008

EOY Carolyn Stephens

Carolyn Stephens, Managing Director
Enterprise Collaborations
UCI Beall Applied Innovation

EOY Steele Platt

Steele Platt, Founder
Yard House Restaurants
Award Winner 2003

EOY Kate Duchene

Kate Duchene, CEO