Entrepreneur Of The Year US National Award winner

Othman Laraki | Color



Othman Laraki
Burlingame, California
Founded: 2013
Corporate profile   Acceptance speech

When Othman Laraki sought genomics testing after his grandmother lost her battle with breast cancer, he found the process costly, lengthy and difficult to access. He cofounded Color to eliminate the barriers keeping US patients from the care they need.

And then the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

As the generation-defining health emergency shut down the world, Laraki felt a responsibility to pitch in, knowing that Color had the proper infrastructure, automation, software team, platform and experience to make a difference. He knew that Color was up for the major challenge of efficiently connecting people with testing and vaccines.

And even though the company would no longer focus primarily on genomics testing, its mission would stay the same: to improve the public’s access to health care by meeting people where they are. The pandemic just highlighted and exacerbated this need.

That’s why Laraki led his team to build upon their existing tools, creating new products and services that would help save millions of lives.

In the years that followed, Color emerged as a leader in the US response to the pandemic, eventually being selected by two states to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to eligible residents. The company supported the delivery of millions of COVID-19 test results and vaccines nationwide, partnering with state and local governments, universities, and other public and private institutions. Color now runs the nation’s largest COVID-19 testing program for K-12 schools and also focuses on services for other conditions.

Laraki believes that while the need for COVID-19 testing will eventually decline, people’s expectations won’t revert to what they were pre-pandemic. The public will continue to expect better access to health care — something that Color remains dedicated to delivering.