Meet the 2019 Pacific Northwest finalists

Award winners will be announced at a special black tie gala on June 14 in Seattle at the King Street Ballroom & Perch, hosted by Jim Dever of KING5. 

Rajeev Singh, CEO | Accolade, Inc. (Seattle, Washington)

Aaron James, COO & David Steinberg, CEO | Adpearance (Portland, Oregon)

Kabir Shahani, CEO & Derek Slager, CTO | Amperity (Seattle, Washington)

Chris Moore, CEO | Concord Technologies (Seattle, Washington)

Jessie Woolley-Wilson, President and CEO | DreamBox Learning, LLC (Bellevue, Washington)

Bobby Balachandran, CEO | Exterro (Beaverton, Oregon)

Karl Siebrecht, Co-founder and CEO | FLEXE, Inc. (Seattle, Washington)

Derrick Morton, Co-founder and CEO & Douglas Pearson, Co-founder and CTO | FlowPlay (Seattle, Washington)

Jason Greer, Co-founder and President | General UI LLC (Seattle, Washington)

Alissa Leinonen, Founder and CEO | Gourmondo Co (Seattle, Washington)

Madeline Haydon, CEO | nutpods (Bellevue, Washington)

Robert Wahbe, Co-founder and CEO | Highspot (Seattle, Washington)

Michael K Lester, CEO | LifeStance Health (Bellevue, Washington)

Henry Albrecht, CEO | Limeade (Bellevue, Washington)

Rajeev Agarwal, Founder and CEO | MAQ Software (Redmond, Washington)

Kyle Stavig, CEO | Myers Container LLC (Portland, Oregon)

Peggy Jarvis Miller, CEO | Pacific Star Communications, Inc. ("PacStar") (Portland, Oregon)

Ty Collins, CMO and Mike Radenbaugh, CEO | Rad Power Bikes (Seattle, Washington)

Jacob Weatherly, Co-founder and CEO | SheerID (Portland, Oregon)

Jordan Allen, CEO | Stay Alfred (Spokane, Washington)

John Lauer, Co-founder and CEO | Zipwhip (Seattle, Washington)