Meet the Southwest finalists

Congratulations to our region’s Entrepreneur Of The Year® finalists, who were selected by an independent panel of judges based on their demonstration of long-term value through entrepreneurial spirit, purpose, growth and impact, among other core contributions and attributes. Regional award winners will be announced in June.

contributions and attributes. Regional award winners will be announced in June 2022.[ Watch the replay of the event ]Congratulations to the Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2021 Florida finalists. We recognized the achievements of these unstoppable entrepreneurs during a virtual awards celebration on Thursday, August 5 at 4:00 p.m. ET.

[ Watch the replay of the event ]

  • Carter Malloy | AcreTrader | Fayetteville, AR

    Carter Malloy is the Founder & CEO of AcreTrader.

    AcreTrader is two innovative products in one: a land investing platform and a land research mapping tool. When users visit the AcreTrader website, they are able to navigate learning materials that teach about farmland as an asset class and the benefits of maintaining a well-diversified portfolio resistant to inflationary pressures, as well as invest in the highest quality and variety of permanent crops, row crops and timber with just a few clicks. AcreTrader started in 2018 with a vision of democratizing farmland as an asset class. Since then, that vision has broadened to encompass an entire land market — one that is more transparent, easily navigable and technologically advanced than ever before. By providing better outcomes for buyers and sellers, brokers, appraisers and institutional investors, AcreTrader products help users understand and enjoy the myriad possibilities and benefits of their connection to land. 

  • Sean Minter | AmplifAI | Plano

    Sean Minter is the CEO of AmplifAI.

    AmplifAI is the AI-driven performance enablement platform for employee-centric workforces and applies data science to make frontline teams better.

    AmplifAI transforms employee data into actions modeled after an enterprise’s best-performing people — helping hybrid teams maximize business outcomes, boost productivity and improve engagement.

    As more companies explore the new generation of hybrid work, innovative leaders and organizations are relying on AmplifAI to enable people, improve performance and make work more fun — wherever work is happening.

  • Darron Eschle | Andrews Logistics Texas, LP | Southlake

    Darron Eschle is the Chairman & CEO of Andrews Logistics Texas, LP.

    Andrews Logistics is a top-five US family-owned and operated asset-based bulk liquid transportation and logistics company based in Southlake, Texas. Andrews serves its customers from terminals located across the nation from California through the Midwest, Gulf States, Southeast and Northeast. A premier customer list includes petrochemical manufacturers transporting their finished lubricants or chemicals to customers throughout the US to include Canada and all regions of Mexico. In addition, Andrews has served retail giants for more than 15 years and has recently entered the food grade sector, transporting liquid sucrose in two regions for a national sucrose producer. Andrews serves its customers with all company-owned equipment, including tractors operated by employee drivers pulling tank trailers and dry van trailers. 

  • Chris White | Athos Group, LLC | Irving

    Chris White is the CEO of Athos Group, LLC.

    For more than 15 years, the Athos Group has been a trusted provider of off-duty law enforcement security. In 2020, Athos evolved from its service roots to become a holding company and a national leader in off-duty- and extra-duty-related services provided by local law enforcement agencies and their officers.

    Athos invests in businesses focused on addressing the needs of off-duty professionals in the public safety industry. Our mission is to consolidate and lead the market for off-duty public safety professionals via the deepest portfolio of solutions covering all major market segments.

    Through our RollKall platform, law enforcement agencies can leverage cutting-edge technology to manage and oversee their off-duty programs. In addition, organizations can turn to Summit, a single source, to help them work with law enforcement partners.

    Our technology and services connect local frontline heroes with the organizations that need them, from the smallest local businesses to the largest national enterprises. We make finding, hiring, scheduling and paying off-duty professionals highly efficient and transparent for all. 

  • Suchi Acharya | AyuVis Research, Inc. | Fort Worth

    Suchi Acharya is the Founder & CEO of AyuVis Research, Inc.

    AyuVis designs and develops novel small molecule immunotherapies to prevent and treat inflammatory and infectious diseases by modulating the innate immune system based on a platform technology of macrophage modulation. The lead candidate, AVR-48, with an excellent safety profile, is at the IND-stage and been granted orphan drug and rare pediatric disease designations by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the prevention of bronchopulmonary dysplasia in preterm infants. Follow-on respiratory conditions with unmet need include acute respiratory distress syndrome, multi-drug resistant ventilator-associated pneumonia and ventilator-induced lung injury. Therapeutic areas that can be addressed by our drug candidates include ocular, renal, skin, and intestinal diseases and complicated infections (sepsis). AyuVis’ technology is protected by two approved and four pending patents and has five peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals. AyuVis has received three NIH SBIR grants and more are in review. The company raised seed funding and is raising Series A equity funding to fund Phase 1 safety and Phase 2a early PoC clinical trials to move to the clinical stage and advance the pipeline. Strategic discussions with pharmaceutical companies are in progress. 

  • Lauren Brooks | Bakery Bling | Oklahoma City

    Lauren Brooks is the Founder & CEO of Bakery Bling.

    Bakery Bling manufactures designer cookie decorating kits, gingerbread houses, cake decor, glittery sugar and more for almost any holiday or occasion. Sold across the country to big box stores, its patent-pending Insta-House thermoform technology allows customers to build delicious designer holiday houses with ease. Each kit includes pre-baked cookies, icing, glittery sugar and three-dimensional handmade edible accessories. Founded by Lauren Brooks, Bakery Bling manufactures 100% edible, certified kosher, dairy- and nut-free products in its factory in Oklahoma City.

  • Tanya Biggers | Big Star Transit, LLC | Dallas

    Tanya Biggers is the CEO of Big Star Transit, LLC.

    Big Star Transit, LLC was founded on August 19, 2013, as a non-emergency medical (NEMT) and ADA paratransit transportation company, specializing in efficient and innovative delivery of specialized passenger transportation services. We are a lower-cost network provider to the passenger transportation service industry’s prime contractors using network technologies to enable transportation companies and brokers to reduce costs and increase efficiency, effectiveness and quality of service. Our low-cost pricing model is a road that secures results in the short run; it also sets the direction for a path toward serving clients.

    Since its inception, Big Star has formed a reputation among its clients, peers and partners for being a safe, secure, sensitive and reliable passenger transportation company having the skills and expertise to help transform the NEMT and ADA specialized transportation service industry.

    Our mission is to provide safe and reliable transportation services that deliver the highest levels of value, quality and satisfaction to our clients, while offering our local small business partners unique opportunities to access and participate in previously inaccessible transit markets through the strength of our industry expertise.

  • Nathan Henderson and Ahmed Qureshi | BILT Incorporated | Grapevine

    Nathan Henderson is the Chairman & CEO and Ahmed Qureshi is the President & COO of BILT Incorporated.

    The award-winning BILT app provides 3D interactive Intelligent Instructions® that are voice and text-guided. Beginning with a product overview, BILT includes tools required and parts included and gently directs the procedure step by step. Tap. Zoom. Rotate. Register the product. Track the warranty. BILT provides the consumer an opportunity to review the product and assign a net promoter score (NPS) corresponding to a star rating. BILT has proven to increase NPS, star ratings, product registrations and brand loyalty while reducing returns, calls to customer support, assembly time and errors.

    BILT empowers brands with analytics on each product and revolutionizes the way companies connect to their consumers. Manufacturers maintain control of their content; updates to instructions can be made in real time, so they’re never obsolete. BILT supports manufacturers’ efforts to go green by minimizing paper instructions and warranty and registration cards.

  • Richard Stockton | Braemar Hotels & Resorts | Dallas

    Richard Stockton is the CEO of Braemar Hotels & Resorts.

    Braemar Hotels & Resorts Inc. is a REIT that invests primarily in high revenue per available room luxury hotels and resorts. The hotel properties are operated under several different brands. 

  • Chris Crosby | Compass Datacenters | Dallas

    Chris Crosby is the CEO of Compass Datacenters.

    Compass, one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies, makes lives better by providing the world’s technology leaders a secure place to plug in wherever they grow. We provide custom, move-in-ready data centers from the edge to core. Our facilities serve hyperscale, cloud and enterprise customers while featuring our hybrid-colocation model for ultimate flexibility and control. Since our inception, we have embraced sustainability with the efficient use of land, green energy, water-free cooling and building materials. Our campus approach empowers customers with easily scalable capacity. 

  • Matt Wadiak | Cooks Venture | Decatur, AR

    Matt Wadiak is the CEO & Founder of Cooks Venture.

    Founded in 2019, Cooks Venture is a vertically integrated heritage breeding and animal agriculture company committed to regenerative agriculture and a truly transparent supply chain for the future. Founded by Matthew Wadiak, Cooks Venture aims to reimagine animal agriculture and chicken breeding while promoting regenerative agriculture at all levels, providing consumers with healthy food choices that are exceptional in quality and taste and grown in regenerative systems. Cooks Venture is a Global Animal Partnership certified company, Certified Humane and verified Non-GMO. Cooks Venture works with Food ID to verify its no-antibiotics claim.

  • Chris Kendall | Denbury Inc. | Plano

    Chris Kendall is the Director, President & CEO of Denbury Inc.

    We turn carbon into clean energy.

    Denbury is a premier carbon solutions company focused on the development of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) operations in the Rocky Mountain and Gulf Coast regions. For more than two decades, the company has maintained a unique strategic focus on the utilization of CO2 in its EOR operations, and since 2012 it has been active in CCUS through the injection and repurposing of captured CO2 emissions. Denbury owns and operates the largest CO2 pipeline network in the world and has extensive experience managing the safe transportation, injection and monitoring of CO2.

    Denbury works to create long-term, sustainable value for shareholders with a measured and returns-focused approach. Leveraging its operational and technical expertise and extensive infrastructure network, the company works to support industrial decarbonization and meet the world’s ever-growing need for more safe, secure and abundant energy while maintaining a commitment to the highest standards of safety and stewardship for its employees and the environment. 

  • Marcus P. Randolph | Ecobat | Dallas

    Marcus P. Randolph is the CEO & Chairman of Ecobat.

    Ecobat is the world's leading battery recycler and the world’s largest lead producer. The company has many major lead plants in the US, Europe and Africa. Ecobat is also rapidly growing as a recycler of lithium batteries with two plants in Europe and one under construction in the USA.

  • Eddy Badrina | Eden Green | Cleburne

    Eddy Badrina is the CEO of Eden Green.

    Eden Green is the next-generation indoor vertical farming technology company transforming the way we sustainably farm and feed people across the country.

  • Elyse Dickerson | Eosera | Fort Worth

    Elyse Dickerson is the CEO of Eosera.

    Eosera is a female-led biotech company focused on leading in the ear care space and offering premium, innovative products for all ears. Products include patented flagship product EARWAX MD, which breaks down and dissolves earwax in as quick as 15 minutes; EAR PAIN MD, a 4% lidocaine pain-relieving drop; EAR ITCH MD, which soothes and calms dry ears with essential and naturally occurring oils; and WAX BLASTER MD, an ear irrigation device that rinses away wax. Eosera is a company that subscribes to the belief that business can be a force for good in the community.

  • Jack Gibbons | FB Society | Dallas

    Jack Gibbons is the CEO & Founder of FB Society.

    At FB Society, we create and execute experiences never imagined. As a boutique, independent hospitality group, we’ve worked to reimagine multiple genres of dining by challenging norms, driving through innovation and focusing on unparalleled experiences.

    The company creates and then subsequently operates brands with exceptional brand equity. FB Society then identifies and manages teams to grow each brand into ideal markets, eventually identifying ideal strategic exits.

  • Aaron Smith | FlexCare Infusion Centers | Oklahoma City

    Aaron Smith is the CEO of FlexCare Infusion Centers.

    FlexCare Infusion Centers provide specialty infusion and injections to adult and pediatric patients with rare, chronic and complex conditions. Our expertise includes neurology, immunology, GI and rheumatology.

  • John Gustafson | Frontier Waste Solutions | Dallas

    John Gustafson is the President & CEO of Frontier Waste Solutions.

    Frontier Waste Solutions provides solid waste and recycling collection services to municipalities and individual commercial, industrial and residential consumers.

  • J. Brooks | GlassView | Fort Worth

    J. Brooks is the Founder & CEO of GlassView.

    We  have built the world’s first neuromarketing solution at scale. By harnessing the power of the customer unconscious, we are helping our customers elevate their brands.

    We work with clients to help increase connection and return on ad spend. 

    In our nine years of existence, we have also become the largest independent video distribution platform on the planet, according to Comscore 2023.

    Additional products of note are SmartGamma™, GV QuickDraw and emotional-based targeting, all examples of Wall Street-style algorithms that make sure we get our brand’s products in front of the right people at the right time.

  • Robin Alex, Shaun Clark and Varun Vairavan | HighLevel | Dallas

    Robin Alex, Shaun Clark and Varun Vairavan are the Co-Founders of HighLevel.

    HighLevel is a platform built for agencies to support local businesses around the world.

    The platform allows you to rebrand more than 20 tools and resell down to customers, including a full CRM, two-way messaging and full email platform.

  • Dave Wengel | iDatafy | Little Rock, AR

    Dave Wengel is the Founder & CEO of iDatafy.

    SmartResume is a certified talent network that:

    • Helps education and training partners attest to the talent of individuals
    • Helps job seekers deploy their skills to be discovered, recruited and hired
    • Helps employers find certified talent in an entirely new way
    • All through verified credentials on a certified SmartResume
  • Mandy Price | Kanarys, Inc. | Dallas

    Mandy Price is the CEO & Co-Founder of Kanarys, Inc.

    Working alongside midsize enterprises and Fortune 500 companies, Kanarys transforms DEI work with data by providing the framework, benchmarking and best practices companies need to incorporate best-in-class DEI into every area of the organization. Like a canary in the coal mine, Kanarys helps organizations ensure healthy and inclusive work environments by revealing DEI blind spots before they become a problem.

  • Rod Millar | Likewize | Southlake

    Rod Millar is the CEO of Likewize.

    Tech is great when it works; we are here for when it doesn’t. Likewize is the fastest-growing device protection company in the world. Our complete solution protects customers against every eventuality; whether a device is stolen or broken, malfunctions, needs support or is outdated, Likewize has it covered.

    Among our solutions, Likewize is the world leader in premium tech support, the largest upgrade and trade-in player in the industry, and the largest device protection provider outside the US and Japan. Our solutions are used by millions of customers worldwide.

    Our customer life-centric approach when developing products, improving our operations and managing the business generally allowed us to become a leading player in the last three years.

  • Kirt Linington | Linear Roofing & General Contractors | Addison

    Kirt Linington is the CEO of Linear Roofing & General Contractors.

    Linear Roofing & General Contractors offers multifamily, commercial and residential roofing services and solar services. Linear prides itself on Your Roof is our Passion and We Are Not the Same. We operate across multiple different markets and have built an incomparable brand and culture and are continuing to grow and expand.

  • Sheldon Arora | Liquidagents Healthcare | Plano

    Sheldon Arora is the CEO of Liquidagents Healthcare.

    LiquidAgents Healthcare is a full-service staffing agency for health care professionals interested in a variety of fields and job types, including travel nursing, travel allied, permanent placement and per diem.

    Since 2003, we’ve been working with top health care systems across the country to place our candidates in the locations they want to be. LiquidAgents is dedicated to finding the highest paying positions available with the insurance coverage and benefits our candidates need.

    Our tireless team provides top-notch customer service through every step of the process, from the job search to signing to living arrangements on assignment.

    As a certified Gold Seal member of JCAHO, the National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations and Staffing Industry Analysts, we have built an industry-wide reputation as a trusted leader in the health care staffing space.

  • Matthew Bowers | Lone Star Analysis | Addison

    Matt Bowers is the Founder, COO, & President of Lone Star Analysis.

    Lone Star Analysis® is a US-based provider of applied decision intelligence and engineering solutions. We harness predictive and prescriptive analytics, Evolved Artificial Intelligence® and inherent knowledge to enhance innovation, create economic strength and make the world safer.

    Organizations are often uncertain how to analyze and leverage their data to make informed decisions. Lone Star’s technology greatly reduces the amount of uncertainty around these critical business decisions. Our solutions enable companies to use data to substantially improve their operational and financial performance. Lone Star provides our advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics to help our clients: 

    • Optimize operations 
    • Compete in markets 
    • Maximize asset performanceWe consistently deliver quantifiable operational business value, with ROI ranging from 20:1 to 100:1. Since 2004, hundreds of leaders have trusted Lone Star Analysis to deliver actionable answers to complex problems in aerospace, defense, energy, logistics, manufacturing, transportation and more.
  • Ebbah Realzola | MEXZIM Corporation | Dallas

    Ebbah Realzola is the Founder & CEO of MEXZIM Corporation.

    MEXZIM Corporation specializes in commercial construction interior finish-out services for office buildings, warehouses, distribution centers, fulfillment centers, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, hotels, retail, medical facilities and schools. Our mission is to help customers optimize and maximize the utilization and usability of commercial building spaces for a better ROI. Our vision is to build greener and more sustainable commercial spaces using innovative technologies and environmentally viable solutions for a better future! We are woman-owned and minority-owned, and we hold the following certifications: WBE, MBE, DBE, WOSB, EDWOSB, AABE, SDB, HUB. Some of our services are listed below. 

    • Building construction material supply
    • Ceiling
    • Countertops
    • Demolition
    • Doors and windows
    • Drywall and framing
    • Electrical
    • Facility move-out/move-in ready
    • Fixture automation
    • Flooring
    • HVAC
    • Painting (interior and exterior)
    • Plexiglass shields
    • Plumbing
    • Project management
  • Jordan Curnes | MicroTransponder | Dallas

    Jordan Curnes is the President & Co-Founder of MicroTransponder.

    MicroTransponder®, Inc. is a privately held medical device company committed to developing research-based neuroscience solutions. The company focuses on restoring dignity for people suffering from neurological conditions that impair sensory and motor function. MicroTransponder’s FDA-approved Vivistim® Paired VNS™ System is a first-of-its-kind, clinically proven medical technology that generates two to three times more improvement in upper limb function than rehabilitation alone for stroke survivors after six weeks of in-clinic therapy. For more information, visit

  • Justin Simons | My Labs Direct | Plano

    Justin Simons is the CEO of My Labs Direct.

    My Labs Direct (MLD) is a full-service laboratory focused on delivering advancements in diagnostic lab medicine to its customers. Through cutting-edge self-collection devices that make lab testing simple, MLD captures critical information that empowers better health management decisions.

  • Matt Alexander | Neighborhood Goods | Plano

    Matt Alexander is the Founder & CEO of Neighborhood Goods.

    Neighborhood Goods is a new type of department store that features an ever-changing landscape of modern brands alongside its own restaurants, event programming, private label lines and more.

    The company operates large-format stores, where it captures data, acquires customers and sells products on behalf of a highly selective group of brands, many of which have never otherwise been in physical retail.

    Neighborhood Goods has locations in Austin and Plano, Texas, as well as New York and, soon, Los Angeles and Newport Beach, California, and Nashville, Tennessee.

    Rather than operating on a wholesale basis, brands pay to be in each store, while the company also takes a revenue share. As a result, Neighborhood Goods does not have inventory risk and can accomplish a broader range of objectives for its partners.

  • Chris Bradford and Kevin Wang | Newline Interactive | Allen

    Chris Bradford is the President & Co-Founder and Kevin Wang is the CEO & Co-Founder of Newline Interactive.

    Newline Interactive is an interactive solutions company that produces the industry’s easiest-to-use software and combines it with large-format touchscreens to help organizations collaborate, connect and create. Newline provides its solutions to customers from many different vertical markets, including K–12 education, colleges and universities, small/medium businesses, and Fortune 500 corporations.

  • George Baker | ParkHub | Dallas

    George Baker is the Founder & Chairman of ParkHub.

    ParkHub provides software and hardware services for the parking industry. The products offer multiple payment options, real-time reporting of parking revenue, support for dynamic pricing, and insight into inventory availability and control. ParkHub’s technology seamlessly integrates with some of the nation’s renowned parking and ticketing solutions.

  • Blake Vincent and Bryan Vincent | Principal LED, LLC dba Principal Industries | San Angelo

    Blake Vincent and Bryan Vincent are the Founders & Managing Partners of Principal LED, LLC dba Principal Industries.

    In 12 years, Principal Industries has grown from a startup in a 1,000-square-foot office with a shed in the back to the largest provider of electrical sign components in North America and operations across Europe and the rest of the world. The company achieved this through a simple mission — “We exist to simplify the lives of our customers.” Principal Industries executes that mission by offering innovative, easy-to-use, value-added products, software and services. The company is also laser focused on serving its customers. The company provides a complete line of innovative products and services to the sign, architectural and other markets, including aviation and the pool and spa industry. Principal Industries is the only company that offers LED sign modules that are exclusively manufactured and assembled in the United States and is the specified LED provider to hundreds of global brands. The company holds a number of patents and is credited with creating the fluorescent to LED retrofit market for commercial sign cabinets. Most important, the company loves its industry and what it does every day.

  • David Meadows and Derek Meadows | PureWine Inc | Southlake

    David Meadows is the Co-Founder & CEO and Derek Meadows is the Co-Founder & Head of Operations and Sustainability of PureWine Inc.

    PureWine Inc. is a privately held company founded in 2014 by a father and son team, Dr. David Meadows and Derek Meadows. Both father and son suffered from wine headaches and experienced adverse reactions to their favorite wines. Instead of “whining” about their problems, they dove deep into the science of wine to create a patented technology that selectively removes histamines and sulfites without otherwise changing the chemistry of wine.

    Together, father and son spent two years in the laboratory looking for a solution to the side effects of wine. The “eureka moment” came one day in the lab when David and Derek found the precise means to selectively remove histamines and sulfites without otherwise changing the chemistry of wine. “We could see that our filtration was working, but when we tried that big, bold Cab and it was every bit as delicious as it was in the tasting room in Napa, we knew we had it,” says David. “We toasted each other: 'To your health!' and that became our motto to this day at PureWine,” adds Derek.

    In 2016, the duo launched the first PureWine product, The Wand, for a glass of wine, followed in mid-2018 by The Wave, for a bottle of wine. And last, the Phoenix Reusable Wine Purifier was introduced in the fall of 2021.

  • Tom Brennan | Sol-Ark | Plano

    Tom Brennan is the CEO & CTO of Sol-Ark.

    Sol-Ark is a solar and energy storage technology firm founded in 2013 by local veterans and security-minded power engineers. Prior to founding Sol-Ark, the founders were determined to best prepare and protect their own families and businesses from utility power outages without reliance on hazardous fuel-based generators.

    After a thorough research effort, Sol-Ark’s founders determined existing market solutions were cumbersome, expensive and overly complex. Additionally, the existing solutions offered very little power capability demonstrating a lack of innovation in the marketplace. Sol-Ark responded with a mission to “Power Families Through Life” and reduce reliance on the energy grid. In a short time, Sol-Ark has rapidly scaled its vision of being the go-to thought leader and recognized brand in the design and manufacture of solar plus energy storage solutions. Sol-Ark’s product assembly and engineering team members are all headquartered in Plano, Texas.

  • Bryan Redmond | Suntex Marinas | Dallas

    Bryan Redmond is the CEO of Suntex Marinas.

    Suntex Marinas owns and operates and manages marinas in Texas and other states. The company’s marinas are equally split between coastal/saltwater and inland/freshwater locations and serve boaters from coast to coast.

    The primary business for Suntex is leasing boat storage in both wet slips (docks and moorings on the water) and dry storage facilities. Space can be leased through annual contracts, seasonal and short-term contracts, and transient rates (for boats passing through and only staying a few nights). In addition to leasing the space, the marinas also sell fuel for boats, groceries and marina items in the ship stores, and provide service to boats.

    Suntex also owns and operates its own boat club and boat rental businesses. In the Suntex Boat Club, members first pay an initiation fee and then monthly dues for the ability to check out boats whenever they would like at any Boat Club location throughout the year. Boat rentals are available at many of the company’s marinas.

    On select marina grounds, Suntex operates restaurants, cabins, campgrounds, and boat sales and service. Suntex leases space to third parties for this business at the remainder of its marinas.

  • Lisa Hanlon-Knight | Teltech Communications | Frisco

    Lisa Hanlon-Knight is the CEO of Teltech Communications.

    Teltech Communications LLC, dba Teltech Group, solves business challenges surrounding network asset management, warehousing and logistics, personnel expertise/shortages, and practical utilization of evolving technologies. Since 1999, Teltech Group has successfully operated in the telecommunications industry and that legacy experience has led the way for work and success in other industries. The company understands the need to bring simple solutions to complex challenges. Its diverse team of industry veterans offer clients the expertise to transform networks, manage assets, implement new smart technology and provide alternative cost-effective solutions. Built upon a tradition of “doing it right the first time” and tackling challenges that fit the company’s capabilities, Teltech Group creates solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges. Teltech Group is Native American and woman-owned and headquartered in Frisco, Texas, and has locations across the US.

  • Luke Hejl | TimelyCare | Fort Worth

    Luke Hejl is the CEO & Co-Founder of TimelyCare.

    TimelyCare is the leading virtual health and wellbeing solution for higher education. Its mission is to improve the wellbeing of college students by making virtual medical and mental health care accessible anytime, anywhere. TimelyCare’s virtual care platform, TimelyCare, includes a range of services, including mental health counseling, on-demand emotional support, medical care, psychiatric care, health coaching, basic needs assistance, faculty and staff guidance, peer support and digital self-care content.

    TimelyCare serves as a 24/7 virtual extension of campus health and counseling center resources, with a goal of improving student wellbeing, engagement and retention. Through TimelyCare on their phone or other device, more students at colleges and universities can select from a wide-ranging menu of virtual care options from licensed physicians and counselors in all 50 states — at no cost and without the hassle of traditional insurance.

  • Tom Parker | TJP Enterprises, LLC | Fort Worth

    Tom Parker is the CEO & President of TJP Enterprises, LLC.

    TJP Entreprises is a tire recycling center providing a full range of tire collection, disposal and recycling services. The company’s recycled rubber products work to support sustainable asphalt roads, provide green energy solutions and become a variety of recycled products.

  • Daniel Chu | Tricolor Holdings | Irving

    Daniel Chu is the CEO of Tricolor Holdings.

    Founded in 2007 and named Best in Business by Inc. magazine in 2022, Tricolor is a certified mission-driven CDFI that leverages its direct-to-consumer, AI-powered platform to provide transportation and upward financial mobility solutions for underserved Hispanics in the United States. Tricolor utilizes advanced data analytics and technology to advance financial inclusion to a highly underserved market and offers responsible, affordable, credit-building auto loans to individuals with no or limited credit history.

    It is the only consumer auto lender to issue an investment-grade bond to undocumented Hispanic immigrants, the only issuer in consumer auto capital markets to be a certified CDFI and the first consumer automotive lender to issue a social bond.

    Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Tricolor and its affiliate Ganas Auto Group operate retail centers across markets in Texas, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona with a shared services center in Guadalajara, Mexico. On a combined basis, Tricolor and Ganas have served many customers and disbursed billions in affordable auto loans using a proprietary model to segment risk.