Meet the judges

The success of the program relies on the efforts of our independent panel of judges. These past Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award recipients and civic and community leaders devote significant effort to review and deliberate the merits of each nominee. We deeply appreciate their dedication to this process.

Gavin Christensen

Gavin Christensen, Managing Partner
Kickstart Seed Fund

Misty Kirby

Misty Kirby, Co-Founder
2018 Winner

Chris Klomp

Chris Klomp, CEO
Collective Medical
2018 Winner

Lawrence Case

Case Lawrence, Founder
2017 Winner

Sam Malouf

Sam Malouf, CEO
2017 Winner

Tony Mastracci headshot

Tony Mastracci, Associate Instructor
University of Utah

Jeff Pederson

Jeff Pedersen, 
Owner, Founder and CEO
2018 Winner

Andrew Smith

Andrew K. Smith, Managing Partner
Savory Restaurant Fund
2017 Winner

Larry Stevens

Larry Stevens, President and CEO
Med One Group
2012 Winner

Karl Sun

Karl Sun, CEO and Co-Founder
2017 Winner