Entrepreneurial Winning Women North America Class of 2021

This class of high-growth, women-founded companies across the US and Canada spans a variety of industries – from consumer products to FinTech to health care. Ranging in size from US$2m to nearly US$80m, more than half of the 2021 class are funded by venture capital, private equity, angels or a combination of all three. Learn more about the companies and their innovative founders below.


Anouck Gotlib
Belgian Boys | Anouck Gotlib
Belgian Boys is on a mission to turn up the happy, one treat at a time. From breakfast to after-dinner dessert, the business makes goodies that bring smiles to eaters of all ages. Belgian Boys delivers whimsical packaging, indulgent flavors and a healthy dose of fun to stores across the United States.
Rasha Katabi
Brim Financial | Rasha Katabi
Brim Financial, one of the fastest-growing FinTechs in Canada, has its own business-to-consumer issuance license and provides its financial technology platform as a business-to-business service for financial institutions and large commercial partners. Brim delivers an innovative product suite and cards, integrated “buy now, pay later” solutions, mobile and digital banking, and behavior-driven customer engagement — all embedded within a global rewards ecosystem.
Teresa Whalen
CytoAgents, Inc. | Teresa Whalen
CytoAgents is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the development of innovative pharmaceutical products to treat life-threatening symptoms associated with cytokine release syndrome, an excessive immune response that causes overwhelming inflammation. CytoAgents’ team includes world-renowned drug development, scientific, clinical and regulatory experts, as well as professionals skilled in the areas of business development, legal and finance. 
Jill Van Gyn
Fatso | Jill Van Gyn
Fatso was founded with the goal of bringing better nutrition to more people. The company uses cost-effective peanuts and a blend of almonds and seeds to bring together good fats and fiber-focused ingredients without palm oil or sugar. Fatso aims to provide more nutrition and flavor at a cost that is lower than or competitive with high-priced specialty nut butters.
Christine Moseley
Full Harvest Technologies, Inc. | Christine Moseley
Full Harvest is solving the US$2.5t global food waste problem as the first and only business-to-business online marketplace for imperfect and surplus produce. The company creates value along the entire supply chain by lowering food production costs, significantly reducing wasted food and resources, enabling an additional revenue stream for farmers, and bringing the produce supply chain online and into the 21st century.
Jasmine Crowe
Goodr, Inc. | Jasmine Crowe
Goodr believes that hunger isn’t a scarcity issue; it’s a logistics issue. Every year in the US, over 80 billion pounds of edible food is wasted, yet nearly 50 million people are suffering from food insecurity. Goodr provides a secure ledger that tracks organizations’ surplus food from pickup to donation, delivering real-time social and environmental impact reporting analytics.
Maria Parella Turco
Honor Yoga | Maria Parrella Turco
Honor Yoga is a mission-driven brand of franchise yoga studios that support the practice of yoga for social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and community health and well-being. The brand also provides workshops, teacher training, retreats and virtual classes. In addition, the Honor Yoga Foundation was created to make yoga more accessible to those with limitations and diverse needs.
Tracey Grace
IBEX IT Business Experts, LLC | Tracey Grace
IBEX is an award-winning IT consulting and training firm that works with both government agencies and corporations to implement and train workers on innovative and advanced technologies. By launching its cloud-based supplier diversity platform, Certifiably Diverse, IBEX brings efficiency and transparency in supplier diversity initiatives by connecting organizations with underrepresented groups.
Mindi Knebel
Kaizen Health | Mindi Knebel

Fast-growing technology company Kaizen Health strives to continually improve access across the social determinants: medical care, education, employment, access to food and housing as well as social justice support. Its mission is to foster healthy communities by increasing access to medical care and foundational resources that promote equitable health outcomes. Kaizen Health is dedicated to enhancing access to patients and giving back valuable staff hours to providers.

Emilie Cushman
Kira Talent | Emilie Cushman
Kira Talent is one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies in the higher education technology space, helping admissions teams effectively identify applicants who will succeed in their program. Kira works with over 750 university programs around the world, including several Ivy League institutions, to reshape the admissions process into a holistic experience while reducing admissions fraud and reviewer bias.
Sandrine Tremblay
KROME Services Inc. | Sandrine Tremblay
KROME is a general contractor specializing in energy efficiency projects based on a fully integrated, innovative and cost-effective approach through energy savings and subsidies. KROME offers its expertise to property owners looking to improve their infrastructure, decarbonize their operations, reduce their energy expenses and increase their buildings’ value.
Julia Hu
Lark Health | Julia Hu
Lark is a health care company that makes it easier for people to prevent and manage chronic conditions through an AI-powered platform. By integrating connected devices and using a cognitive behavioral therapy framework, Lark gives every user a personalized digital health coach and 24/7 care through an easy-to-use interface that is similar to text messaging.
Angel Kho
Eleanor Lee
Loulou Lollipop | Angel Kho and Eleanor Lee
Loulou Lollipop is a premium lifestyle baby brand that swaddles lovable aesthetics together with high-quality materials that parents can feel good about. The company works to make sure that everything it creates — from its signature ultra-soft muslin and high-quality silicone to its organic and sustainable knit fabrics — passes the parent test.
Monica Hernandez
MAS Global | Monica Hernandez
MAS Global is a software development and cloud services firm leveraging the power of technology and top diverse talent across the US and Latin America. Its 300 team members help clients use the latest web, mobile, cloud, AI and data technologies to build innovative products and deliver enterprise digital capabilities that enable business modernization, resiliency and growth.
Veronika Stelmakh
Mesodyne | Dr. Veronika Stelmakh
Mesodyne has developed a new kind of power generator that converts fuel to electricity via light. The LightCell™ generator is compact, quiet and reliable. It operates on any fuel and has up to 10 times the energy density of lithium ion batteries. Mesodyne’s patented technology enables long-endurance power generation for remote unmanned sites and systems, drones, robots, military personnel and emergency responders.
Deborah Reyna
Rachel Reyna
Metro Waste Systems | Deborah Reyna and Rachel Reyna
Metro Waste Systems is one of the fastest-growing family-owned and locally operated waste disposal companies in the San Antonio area. The company provides waste collection and recycling services to residential customers. The company believes that by paying attention to the smallest details, it can provide the best customer service experience.
Katie Bigelow
Mettle Ops | Katie Bigelow
Mettle Ops is a veteran-owned business with a mission to help soldiers survive on the battlefield. Through transparency and grit, Mettle Ops delivers multidisciplinary, comprehensive Department of Defense engineering solutions to government and industry partners on a national scale while specializing in reverse engineering, ground vehicle design, system integration and other capabilities.
Kirsten Liston
Patti Caswell
Andrea Falcione
Rethink Compliance | Kirsten Liston, Patti Caswell and Andrea Falcione 
Rethink Compliance helps companies create compelling and effective compliance programs by bringing together corporate compliance experts, industry thought leaders, and creative services professionals to offer clients unbeatable service and support. Rethink Compliance offers rightsized consulting engagements in governance, risk and compliance, as well as visually attractive, user-friendly codes and policies.
Christine Tao
Lori Mazan
Sounding Board, Inc. | Christine Tao and Lori Mazan
Sounding Board helps companies accelerate leader development with a globally managed, fully vetted network of world-class coaches and an integrated technology platform designed to make professional coaching easier to manage, measure and scale. As one of the first to market with virtual one-on-one coaching and group coaching, Sounding Board helps professionals develop critical leadership skills to drive real business impact.
Alexis Irene
Static Nails | Alexis Irene
From operating out of a dorm room to being named the third fastest-growing online brand in the beauty industry, Static Nails is a globally recognized, award-winning authority that specializes in developing nontoxic cosmetic innovations. The business is best known for spearheading industry-changing advancements such as the first reusable pop-on manicure and nontoxic, odorless polish remover.
Jenny Stephens
Total Trenchless | Jenny Stephens
Total Trenchless Ltd. is a majority Indigenous-owned contractor supplying underground trenchless pipe installation services. It is currently the only business of its kind registered in North America. Together, the Total Trenchless team of skilled professionals has over 200 years of experience, and the company’s impact on people, safety and the environment is their top priority.
Stephanie Nadi Olson
We Are Rosie | Stephanie Nadi Olson
We Are Rosie is a flexible talent marketplace for the modern advertising and marketing world. This thriving community of over 9,000 diverse and highly skilled independent marketers helps a variety of companies maximize their agility, resilience, inclusion and creativity by providing curated, on-demand marketing talent, teams and executives.