EY Trade Connect

Global trade is too complex and too costly to be left to chance. Unlock future growth and digitize your global trade and supply chain operations through effective data management.

Gain control of your global trade operations with advanced technology

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Get the competitve edge you need

Streamline your operations and reduce avoidable costs from your global trade transactions with real-time digital and data insights. Through EY Trade Connect, you can:

  • Address compliance risks by gaining visibility into global trade regulations
  • Potentially preserve cash with increased visibility into business models and supply chains
  • Stay timely with both import and export requirements
  • Avoid supply chain interruptions
  • Uncover possible savings opportunities and mitigate financial risks

The EY Trade Connect technology platform is adaptable, allowing you to outsource certain elements of your trade operations — or all of them — in a way that makes sense for your business. With increased visibility and access to reliable data — from tariff and classification code determinations to restricted parties and global compliance rules — you can make strategic decisions with confidence and precision.

Gain control of your global trade operations

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