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The speed of global interconnectedness between businesses, governments and technology show no sign of abating. A digital and connected tax function is being brought to bear in the EY CTORS approach — a cutting edge tax operating platform.

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What is CTORS E2E?

Customer Tax Operations and Reporting Services (CTORS) end-to-end (E2E) is at the forefront of tax technology. Our goal is to be the industry gold-standard customer tax operations utility for a broad set of industry participants.

CTORS is an integrated suite of end-to-end customer tax operation services, support by the global EY network of member firms and underpinned by leading technology, which can be delivered in a modular or end-to-end approach.

Our investment in a digital and connected tax function is being brought to bear through EY CTORS E2E, a unique, market-leading tax operating approach.

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The EY collaborative technology assets

Tax Operations Command Center (TOCC): The Tax Operations Command Center platform provides workflow and an interactive management dashboard, enabling process control, approvals and tracking across the end-to-end customer life cycle.

Automated Tax Form Validator (ATFV): Document validation technology which uses automation and optical character recognition to import and validate tax forms and self-certifications with standardized results and dashboarding.

Customer Tax Data Master (CTDM): Standard data model and repository that classifies accounts; documents changes in circumstance, using our proven rules engine; and maintains an electronic audit trail.

Withholding Calculator: Logic that calculates the applicable withholding rates based on income and client type for US Information & Withholding (IRW) obligations.

Tax Reporting Engine (TRE): Technology that generates and supports submittal of required accountholder reports to over 100 tax jurisdictions, providing accurate and timely filling compliance and furnishing reports to customers as required.

Customer Tax Knowledge Assets (CTKA): Portal-based knowledge management and sharing, which consolidates EY’s worldwide customer tax technical rules from 100 jurisdictions, and enables efficient distribution traceability and Q&A function.

Customer Tax Data Analytics (CTDA): Data intelligence and visualizations which provide insight into global tax operations data to improve accuracy, risk, and anomaly detection and management.

Tax Compliance Suite (TCS): Control framework, including a comprehensive suite of tools to support certification and preemptively identify issues.

Value and advantages

Compliance: Consistently reliable and compliant outcomes

Reduced risk: Better controls and transparency drive greater quality, and decrease exceptions and compliance failures

Contained cost: Significant reduction to ongoing cost of operating and maintaining customer tax functions

Excellent customer experience: Reduced risk of customer disruption

Modular: Not “all or nothing” – clients can choose CTORS E2E components to focus on resolving immediate pain points

Flexibility: Can be delivered internally (client’s infrastructure) or externally (the EY infrastructure) as an operational utility

Trusted: Globally integrated network of tax professionals with deep technical knowledge and local connectivity

Quality: Our reputation for quality stands behind CTORS E2E

Adaptability: Sustainable and scalable capability, which is more easily adapted to future change

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