What EY Global Tax Investing Services can do for you

As authorities worldwide enforce new tax laws and increase transparency, keeping up with new and evolving taxation regimes and treaties can be overwhelming. Global investors must identify and coordinate with numerous local tax service providers to meet their compliance and reporting requirements. The growing complexity of this responsibility is driving demand for globally coordinated services with agility and responsiveness to a dynamic marketplace.

EY's global tax investing services can help asset managers be more proactive in meeting and monitoring the growing tax requirements in the markets where they invest and manage risk. Our professionals understand the role of the tax service provider in various non-US markets, the interaction of the taxpayer with global and local custodians, and the compliance and reporting responsibilities that our clients face. With our suite of tax technology tools, we can help you gain efficiencies and insights with resources designed to address your global investing tax management issues. 

Learn more about our related tax technology products:

Tax technology tools

➜  Global Withholding Tax Reporter (GWTR)
Discover your one-stop information source for withholding tax rates and rules around the globe.

➜  Rapid Security Analyzer (RSA)
Simplifying capital gains, dividends and interest withholding complexities globally through the use of an automated tool.

➜  Corporate Actions Tax Analyzer (CATA)
Proactively identify and review publicly available, complex corporate actions and understand their tax implications.

➜  Rapid Reclaim Analyzer (RRA)
Discover opportunities to reclaim undue withholding tax.

➜  Automated PFIC Mark-Market (MTM) Service
Streamline preparation of MTM calculations in a timely and efficient way.

➜  Per Se Analyzer
Quickly and accurately identify the per se status of publicly traded foreign and US holdings.

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