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The U.S. Government is the world’s largest buyer of goods and services. Keys to a successful business relationship with the U.S. Government include knowledge of applicable regulations, operational capability and innovation that you bring to the table to achieve, maintain and demonstrate economic viability, security, efficiency and compliance.


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Government Contract Services Highlights

The United States Government’s process for purchasing goods and services from the private sector reflects a procurement process that is highly structured and subject to complex and continually changing laws and regulations.

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Pharmaceutical Revenue Management Services

The EY Government Pharmaceutical Pricing and Medicaid Solutions are the cornerstones of our Pharmaceutical Revenue Management offerings. Watch this video and learn how these solutions may work for your organization.

What EY can do for you

EY Government Contract Services professionals are focused on helping entities compliantly and efficiently achieve their business goals when engaging with the U.S. Government — whether through contracts, grants and other forms of agreements, or through participation in various U.S. Government-run reimbursement programs.

Our team works with entities in and across all industries where the U.S. Government procures or provides reimbursement for goods and/or services. These industries include aerospace, defense, life sciences, health care, energy, construction, information technology, utilities, and consumer goods and services. While the goods and services the U.S. Government seeks across these and other industries are vast, a common thread through all U.S. Government procurements and reimbursements are strict public policies implemented through a myriad of complex statutes, rules, regulations and requirements. Success working with the U.S. Government depends on capability and preparedness to adhere to U.S. Government policy from the outset, and to continually maintain compliance throughout your participation in U.S. Government contracting, pricing and/or U.S. Government-run programs.

Whether engaging with the U.S. Government through contracts, assistance awards or via U.S. Government-run programs, business success depends on a robust and reliable combination of knowledge, people, processes and systems. Having these resources and capabilities squarely in place and operating as intended is essential to achieving an economically viable, secure, efficient and compliant outcome.


  • Assessments and Investigations

    • Conducting assessments in all areas of U.S. Government contract and program administration, including compliance, controls, governance and commercial implications
    • Assistance with responding to U.S. Government inquiries, audits and investigations
  • Business Systems, Processes and Controls

    • Helping clients develop strategic business process change and control improvements for further growth in the U.S. Government market
    • Providing assessment, implementation and corrective action assistance for contractually required processes and controls
  • Cost Accounting and Pricing Support

    • Helping clients strike the right balance between competitiveness and cost recovery through organizational cost structure optimization
    • Helping clients understand and resolve issues relating to Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) non-compliances and cost accounting practice changes
    • Assisting clients with cost analysis and related requirements for negotiated proposals and procurements
  • Export and Trade Compliance

    • Providing trade compliance assessment support ranging from analyzing key compliance risk areas such as screening and license management to remediating compliance gaps
  • Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Advisory Services

    • Assisting with all phases of FSS administration from Initial setup to tracking customer and FSS reporting
  • U.S. Government Program Solutions

    • Providing technical and regulatory support related to U.S. Government programs such as Medicaid Drug Rebate Program (MDRP) to the 340B Drug Pricing Program
    • Offering and advising on data management and technology solutions for reporting and compliance with U.S. Government programs
    • Learn more about our Pharmaceutical Revenue Management Services here.

Find out more about how our proven team of professionals can help you navigate the complex hurdles that await. Whether you are pursuing your first U.S. Government contract/award or participating in a reimbursement program for the first time, searching for leading practices to improve contract/program administration or working to mitigate and resolve a compliance matter, our professionals can help.

Managed Services for Cost-Price Analysis

Better management of cost/price analysis needs is within reach.
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