Future Consumer Insights

COVID-19 has transformed the lives of consumers. What do they value? What will it take to serve them? How will your business adapt?

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US perspectives

Leveraging the EY Future Consumer Index for a more consumer-centric food system

FCI provides insights into a reimagined food system, evolving preferences and priorities of consumers. The research uncovers considerations beyond just price and taste.

How consumer affordability, loyalty and trust were redefined in the age of AI

Consumers have redefined affordability, loyalty and trust in the age of AI. Find out how retailers and brands can navigate these shifts.

US Future Consumer Index: Spend or save? A tension of economic proportions

Will consumers spend their way out of inflation and recession? Find out.

US Future Consumer Index 9: Have inflationary pressures brought consumer’s pricing worries to a head?

In the ninth edition of the US Future Consumer Index, we take a hard look at the consumer impact of inflation. Read more.

US Future Consumer Index 7: how to satisfy the sustainable consumer

Explore consumer perceptions and expectations around sustainability and how retailers and CPG brands must respond. Read more.

    Global perspectives

    EY Future Consumer Index: when talk turns into action, be set for change

    Climate change is becoming a growing reality for people around the world, and disrupting ingrained consumption habits. Learn more.

    If you could meet tomorrow’s consumers today, what would you ask?

    Using generative AI personas to bring to life tomorrow’s consumers today, we’re helping businesses shape preferable futures and stay relevant. Find out more.

    How to serve consumers who rely on tech, but don’t trust tech

    Our global research shows how digital is transforming the consumer and why relationships shaped by trust, respect and value are critical. Learn more.

    Future Consumer Index: Five consumer types you need to understand

    The 11th wave of the global study explores the emerging priorities that will shape future consumption patterns. Learn more.

    Future Consumer Index: In crisis, but in control

    Many consumers are responding to a world in crisis by using the values and behaviors they learned during the pandemic. Learn more.

    The CEO Imperative: Make sustainability accessible to the consumer

    The EY Future Consumer Index finds more people want to make sustainable choices, if they can. Five strategies will help CEOs meet the demand. Learn more.