COVID-19: resources for entrepreneurs and private companies

The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted business as usual, requiring you to focus on fortifying your company today to steady and ready it for opportunities tomorrow. We’re here to help you.

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How the new stimulus impacts entrepreneurs and private companies

In this webcast, learn about the new Economic Aid to Hard-Hit Small Businesses, Nonprofits and Venues Act, which provides $900 billion in additional COVID-19 relief funding.

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US 2021 presidential transition: The first 100 days

Supported by our latest insights, EY is here to help you understand and prioritize how the new administration will shape the US legislative and regulatory environment on a range of issues impacting your business now, next and beyond.

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Below you’ll find our latest guidance and resources related to the CARES Act, forecasting liquidity, scenario planning and more, curated specifically for entrepreneurs and private company owners looking to survive and thrive in the now, next and beyond. 

Why minority entrepreneurs
need equitable relief

Stimulus programs have the potential to provide critical assistance to minority entrepreneurs who might otherwise face losing their businesses. Now, we must ensure that financial institutions and policymakers focus on access, cooperation and education.

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American Express: Stand for Small

Get your business back to business, with knowledge, offers and tools to help you navigate this crisis. 

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