November 13-17, 2019
Palm Springs, California

Clif Smith

EY Americas Mindfulness Leader


Clif Smith, EY Americas Mindfulness Leader, is a US Army veteran and former diplomat and intelligence officer with over 25 years of experience successfully tackling challenges related to defense, intelligence and business. Following his passion for serving others through coaching, leadership and mindfulness training, he began building the EY Americas Mindfulness Network and internal mindfulness programs. Clif has developed and delivered practical mindfulness training to tens of thousands of EY personnel, with measurable impact on employee leadership, performance and well-being.

Before devoting much of his time to creating and managing mindfulness programs, Clif led EY into a new market, winning multimillion-dollar deals as an account leader in the Government and Public Sector practice.

Clif is a provisionally qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher, an ICF-certified executive coach, an accomplished public speaker and a certified Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence teacher.  

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