Implications of price transparency and data interoperability for the health sector

Price transparency and data interoperability are still key topics for Congress and of importance to the health care sector.

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As organizations continue to address the health crisis, complying with regulations will continue to be at the forefront of strategy and operations planning.

Specifically, hospital price transparency is a top priority as disclosure rules that will affect hospitals, health systems and payers are announced. The interoperability rule provides patients more control over their health data and health providers secure access to their patients’ health information.

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Consumers and Congress are demanding more transparent access to health care data. What are the new rules?

HHS releases interoperability rules

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) encourages access to personalized health information in a standardized format.

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Key provisions in the administration’s hospital price transparency final rule and new, proposed rule for employer-provided health plans and insurers

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