Health transformation

Health transformation enables health providers and payers to achieve value by optimizing their operations, business models and infrastructure.

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Health transformation connects people, their environment and technology in order to deliver connected and efficient care. EY teams support health providers and payers in their journey from “traditional” to “smart” health organizations by leveraging virtual care platforms, interoperable patient records and digital enablers (internet of things (IoT), 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), remote monitoring) to re-orient the focus of care from volume to value in a controlled and agile way.

Health transformation teams work across the health ecosystem: from implementing clinical operations initiatives to standing up the architecture and operations of digital assets and analytics.  Our goal is to realize efficiencies and drive a differentiated experience by sharing leading practices and optimizing performance.

How do you create hard-to-imagine care models?

Smart health dares you to imagine what a hospital and health system can be in the age of digital health care, and then build it.

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