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THE STATUS QUO: every mission the same, with no strategy to turn your transformation ambitions into reality. But knowing where to invest your efforts to drive value demands a fundamental shift both in how you create value and in what you value – agility vs. predictability, innovation vs. strategic planning, systems thinking vs. operating model.

Mission: The whole journey - Transformed
Royal Caribbean ifly skydiving simulator

More than just the latest gadgets, digital transformation is strategy to execution.

The challenge: transform the journey

Royal Caribbean recognized it needed to deliver a seamless connected experience on land and at sea that allowed its guests to get the most from their cruise experience.

Its analog approach was limiting , particularly for generations who are more accustomed to a digital-first mindset and are looking for a more streamlined and frictionless experience. Moving from analog to digital required a radical technology rethink.

The EY team needed to think about digital from every angle throughout the company’s entire business.

Royal Caribbean northstar observation pod

AI, cyber and analytics – technology transformation is necessary to get the job done.

The solution: integrated technologies

EY and Royal Caribbean professionals used data and analytics to create a personalization engine that gives guests mobile control over many different touch points in their cruising experience.

Facial recognition that speeds up boarding is just one feature of the new seamless customer experience. Intelligent personalization and integrated automation provide a more profitable cruising experience while giving guests control over every aspect of their voyage.

Royal Caribbean ship above ocean background

Get back into the intelligence business.

The outcome: uninterrupted digital experience

Innovative digital technology worked to detangle layers of backend legacy IT systems, and through the personalization engine, the app learns, tracks and helps crews respond to passenger preferences from the moment of boarding, providing recommendations based on their behavior so that guests can enjoy the adventure on their own terms.

Behind the scenes, teams of EY and Royal Caribbean technology, digital and business professionals worked together to solve the challenges associated with creating an uninterrupted digital experience, whether it was onshore through fiber optics, or through satellites while at sea.

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