EY Financial Crime solutions

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EY Financial Crime solutions help financial institutions meet regulatory obligations and achieve better outcomes while reducing costs and negative customer impacts. Built upon our deep experience and leading FinCrime technology platform, this includes screening, transaction monitoring and Know Your Customer.

Your business challenge

As financial crime continues to evolve, the complexity of compliance is growing:

  • Financial institutions face increasing cost and resource pressures.
  • Regulators encourage the use of technology innovations, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), to fight financial crime.
  • The potential of data and digital to transform financial crime compliance is hindered by challenges in integrating and maintaining accelerating technology.
  • Talent to manage financial crime compliance is scarce, and is expensive to recruit, train and retain.

Financial Crime solution benefits

EY Financial Crime solutions help financial institutions reduce risk, simplify financial crime operations and improve compliance. With effective and efficient operating systems, resources are freed up to allow for the institution’s creation of long-term value.

Our connected, end-to end approach integrates:

  • Advanced FinCrime technologies, software tools and data-powered intelligence built upon a global common platform


  • Deep AML/KYC domain knowledge and talent across financial crime, tax, risk and operations
  • Global operations experience across multiple regulatory and risk landscapes

Solution features and functionality

Our leading financial crime knowledge, experience and regulatory credibility are enriched by our investment of more than $100m in technology automation, AI and ML-based technology solutions. We work collaboratively with clients in an end-to-end, modular approach focused on delivering better outcomes that add more value through:

    Why EY Financial Crime services

    EY Financial Crime services support financial institutions in transforming financial crime programs for better outcomes. You can trust our domain knowledge, regulatory credibility, global delivery model and leading technology to help achieve operational excellence today and stay ahead of emerging risks.

    Protecting the enterprise

    We help protect your enterprise from a large and expanding set of risks, including cyber, fraud, financial crime, and data privacy and protection.

    Explore our latest thinking on protecting the enterprise in financial services.

    Our latest thinking

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