What if our rising stars weren’t all lone stars? What if our rising stars weren’t all lone stars?

Fostering unity and growth in Dallas

Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) is proud to help strengthen the city of Dallas by working with leading local organizations to help nurture an extraordinary economy, infused with empathy and equality, that works for all. We are committed to backing organizations that develop talent, hire diverse professionals, provide access to entrepreneurs and promote inclusion. We are also proud members of a community that is leading the charge on so many exciting areas that align with our own values of empathy, equality and a strong, inclusive economy.

How EY is helping to build a better Dallas

What if our success was measured in the prosperity of others?

EY has been a proud member of the Dallas community and its economy for more than 100 years.



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What if our diverse city keeps advancing diversity?

In Dallas, meaningful action and conversations about equality continue to lead to deeper understanding and progress.


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What if our established strength could grow others?

Fueled by innovation, Dallas has a long history of recognizing and supporting visionaries and unstoppable entrepreneurs.


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What if opening our hearts opened more doors?

Leaders like Thear Suzuki serve as role models to personally give back, while also encouraging other employees to do the same.

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Count me in

Learn how you can work with us to reframe the future of Dallas.

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Entrepreneur Of The Year Southwest

Now in its 35th year, the Entrepreneur Of The Year program celebrates the audacious entrepreneurs who test the limits of the possible and catapult us to what’s next and beyond.

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Neurodiversity-Powered Transformation

Engaging professionals who can accelerate emerging technologies and solve complex problems is a business imperative. Yet, one talent segment capable of delivering exponential value has largely gone untapped. Utilizing the talents of neurodivergent people can help companies unlock their full potential.

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EY DEI transparency report

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