Reimagine. Rebuild. Revive: Next York City

A better New York City is within our reach, but we all have to do our part. Together, our extraordinary efforts will create Next York City.

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Reframing the future of New York through Next York City

EY is proud to revitalize the city through public-private partnerships. Through Next York City, we are working with leading local organizations to help develop an extraordinary economy, infused with empathy and equality, that works for all New Yorkers.

We are committed to helping organizations that develop talent, hire diverse professionals, provide access to entrepreneurs and promote inclusion. By offering thousands of consulting hours to Black entrepreneurs and supporting the training of 100,000 underserved New Yorkers, we create better access for all.

Today we are working with the city’s Department of Small Business Services to co-create a brighter future for Black entrepreneurs. Our newly launched Entrepreneurs Access Network will elevate scalable Black- and Latinx-owned companies with access to resources, networks and capital delivered through a planned curriculum. And in cooperation with the New York Jobs CEO Council, we are training and connecting New Yorkers from diverse and low-income communities to needed, well-paying jobs.

How can working together create positive change for New York City?

Rebounding from COVID-19 means collaborating on opportunity, affordability and innovation. EY is a proud contributor to A Call for Action and Collaboration, The Partnership for New York City’s report that outlines necessary recovery efforts and the importance of public-private partnerships to revive and rebuild the city.

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EY Velocity

Learn how New York entrepreneurs can connect with business leaders, focus on their business challenges and act on the unique needs of their business.

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Diversity and inclusiveness means growth

See how inviting, leveraging and learning from different perspectives can spark positive change for your organization.

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Entrepreneur Of The Year New York

Through the Entrepreneur Of The Year® program, we celebrate the unstoppable entrepreneurs whose unbounded ambitions deliver innovation, growth and prosperity that transform our world. We are inspired by the work of our Entrepreneur of the Year® New York winners and how they are responding to the COVID-19 crisis, blurring industry lines to provide aid and supporting their broader communities.

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