How can working together create positive change for Chicago? How can working together create positive change for Chicago?

Reframing the future of Chicago

Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) is proud to help revitalize the city of Chicago by working with leading local organizations to help nurture an extraordinary economy, infused with empathy and equality, that works for all. We are committed to backing organizations that develop talent, hire diverse professionals, provide access to entrepreneurs and promote inclusion.

Our newly launched Entrepreneurs Access Network will help elevate scalable Black- and Latinx-owned companies with access to resources, networks and capital delivered through a planned curriculum. And, in connection with United Way, we are training and connecting those from diverse and low-income communities to help bridge the digital divide.

Rebounding from the COVID-19 pandemic means finding opportunities to collaborate, breaking down barriers and pursuing innovation. EY US is proud to contribute pro bono work to the city’s COVID-19 Recovery Task Force, supporting our goal of providing inclusive and equitable recovery for all.

EY Chicago initiatives

When it comes to revitalizing Chicago, are there three sides to every story?

Creating an inclusive and equitable recovery across South, West and North.



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What if all doors were open to all?

EY is committed to advancing justice, inclusion and equality for all.


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In a city of 200+ neighborhoods, how do we unite as one?

EY is proud to help Black and Latinx company founders achieve new heights.


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Count me in

Learn how you can work with us to reframe the future of Chicago.


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EY wavespace teams bring the right people together and give them the tools and mindset to think differently, deconstruct challenges and develop solutions – faster.

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