• Thursday, December 5

    8:30 a.m.

    Registration and networking breakfast

    9:15 a.m.

    Welcome & opening remarks


    • Ed Majkowski – Americas Insurance Advisory Leader, EY
    • John Santosuosso – Global & Americas Insurance Assurance Leader, EY

    9:30 a.m.





    • Glenn Shapiro – President, Allstate Personal Lines

    10:00 a.m.


    Board’s responsibility around purpose and culture

    Corporate culture is defined by the implicit, unwritten rules that create expectations for how people choose to behave. In the insurance industry today, oversight of culture and purpose is a growing priority in the boardroom.  In this session we’ll address ways that boards can challenge and support management in realizing the company culture’s value. Key questions we’ll address are: Does the board set the right tone at the top and give sufficient attention to culture as a key enabler of purpose and strategy? Is the board evaluating how the CEO is modeling desired behaviors and communicating the desired culture to the organization? And does the board itself embody and reflect the company’s values?


    • Betsy Bernard – Board Member, Principal Financial Group
    • Chuck Chaplin – Board Member, Brighthouse
    • Bill Kane – Board Member, Travelers
    • Moderator: John Latham – Life Transformation Leader, EY

    10:40 a.m.




    Evolution of auto insurance: Emergence of Tesla offering insurance


    • Matt Edmonds – Head of Insurance Products, Tesla
    • Rajcan Surface – Insurance Operational Transformation Leader, EY 
    P&C breakout

    Chair: Nicole Michaels – Global Insurance Business Transformation Leader, EY

    Life breakout

    Chair: Craig Buck – Insurance Actuarial Advisory Services Leader, EY

    11:15 a.m.

    Reinventing specialty insurance in the next wave

    Specialty insurance has outpaced standard lines commercial insurance for three decades in terms of growth, profitability and product innovation. However, specialty insurance has faced challenges with technology given the lack of vendor package solutions supporting the complexity of products, channels and segments inherent to this business. On top of that, specialty insurers must prepare for the next wave of innovation fueled by the 4th industrial revolution and engage more digitally with distribution channels and customers. This specialty CIO panel will discuss progress with core technology platforms, as well as unique future challenges and opportunities with technology supporting the complexities of specialty insurance.


    • Darryl Catts – CIO, AXIS Insurance
    • Owen Williams – CIO, Everest Insurance
    • Moderator: Gail McGiffin – Global Insurance Underwriting Leader, EY

    Life insurance technology in the next wave


    • David Ditillo – Senior Vice President and CIO U.S. Business, MetLife
    • Nick Volpe – VP, CIO of Individual Markets & Head of Enterprise Customer Technology, Guardian Life
    • Moderator: Manpreet Ramana – Technology Transformation Strategy Leader, EY 

    11:50 a.m.








    The next wave of small commercial insurance is now: how have you prepared?

    As customers’ expectations continue to rise, personal and small commercial insurers must evolve their business to stay relevant in today’s transformative age. The biggest risks – climate change, cyber threats, ownerless and driverless vehicles, the worldwide protection gap, tech-driven disruption – are also the most compelling opportunities. The threat from new competitors is real, but the upside of innovation and transformation is huge. This session will include a view into the future of personal and small commercial insurance products that are being delivered today and the ways in which carriers are better engaging with existing and prospective customers and innovating boldly to drive growth and sustainable profitability in the next wave.


    • Michael Keane – President, Small Commercial, The Hanover
    • Kevin Kerridge – EVP, Direct and Partnership Division, Hiscox
    • Moderator: Thom Cranley – Americas New England Insurance Advisory Leader, EY

    The upside of accounting change: agile and modernized reporting to drive better business performance

    IFRS 17 and long-duration targeted improvement “accounting changes” have multiple objectives, not the least of which is to provide more transparency and comparability on the time value of money, a vital economic factor in supporting the expected earnings stream needed to assume policyholder insurable risks.  Initially viewed by many as a compliance exercise, management teams are learning a “modernize” versus “modify” approach to compliance can create benefits beyond the value of compliance. This session will explore the possibilities in modernizing your accounting and actuarial capabilities to run faster and with less long-term cost, which can drive the most significant benefit of accounting change: timely and transparent financial performance data, leading to better business performance. 


    • Kim Lee – CFO, Global Atlantic
    • Jonathan Wismer – Senior Vice President and Deputy CFO, AIG
    • Moderator: Chris Raimondo – Finance Technology Leader, EY
    12:25 p.m. Networking lunch 

    1:15 p.m.











    Intelligent growth: decisions, intent, outcomes

    ACORD recently launched a detailed analysis into the growth patterns of the world’s largest insurance carriers, and their value implications. “Intelligent Growth: Decisions, Intent, Outcomes” will focus on the intersection between growth and value in order to identify the root causes, strategies & tactics, and true levers behind successful, sustainable growth.

    Based on a combination of public financial data, insurance statutory reports, and in-depth interviews, the analysis will examine premium growth over the last 20 years, and how management decisions led to a spectrum of outcomes.

    Key questions that will be answered include:

    • How did growth patterns vary over time and across various cohorts? How did they correlate to lines of business, geographies, and company characteristics?
    • How did value creation or destruction vary in relation to growth?
    • What were the effects of continuous vs. intermittent growth, and what are the implications for success?
    • Which indicators are most effective in forecasting growth and its effects? How do they drive management decisions at successful carriers?
    • What are the key strategic and capability imperatives for achieving sustainable, value-creating growth?


    • Bill Pieroni – CEO, ACORD

    1:45 p.m.

    Re-defining the stakeholder story: a CFO perspective

    Today’s insurance chief financial officers face a myriad of internal and external pressures while needing to maintain top and bottom line financial results. These pressures include continual low interest rate environments, increasingly volatile equity markets, financial reporting regime changes and emerging and accelerating risk profiles. In this session, industry leaders will share how they are balancing these pressures to strategically redefine their organizations’ stakeholder stories.


    • Fred Crawford – EVP and CFO, Aflac
    • Kirk Haggard – VP, Senior Financial Officer, P&C Insurance, USAA
    • Anders Malmstrom – Senior Executive Director and CFO, AXA Equitable Life
    • Moderator: Chad Runchey – Insurance Financial Performance & Risk Leader, EY

    2:25 p.m.


    Ecosystems vital to insurance success

    Launching new insurance products at speed has gone from aspiration to reality. Carriers across property/casualty, life & annuities and individual & group benefits are now able to get new products to market in a matter of months…at a lower-than-expected cost. New technologies aligned to the insurance industry are vital to achieving this goal, but no one technology vendor today can satisfy the total need. Technology ecosystems are the answer.  We will hear from carriers that are at various stages of the new product launch process and the role the ecosystems are playing. We will also hear from an InsurTech that sits at the core of next-generation ecosystems.


    • Scott Liles – President, Spire
    • Dan Woods – Founder and CEO, Socotra
    • Will Wright – Vice President, Digital & Innovation, Protective Life
    • Moderator: David Connolly – Global Insurance Digital Leader, EY
    3:05 p.m. Networking break

    3:25 p.m.





    • John Schlifske – Chairman, President & CEO, Northwestern Mutual

    3:55 p.m.




    NextWave Insurance and beyond


    • Shaun Crawford – Global Vice Chair of Industry, EY
    • Ed Majkowski – Americas Insurance Advisory Leader, EY
    • Peter Manchester – EMEIA Insurance Leader, EY
    • Moderator: Isabelle Santenac – Global Insurance Leader, EY

    4:25 p.m.



    Keynote interview


    • John Keogh –  Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Chubb
    • Tony Steadman – Global People Advisory Services Leader, EY

    4:55 p.m.







    Digital selling and marketing: better together than ever before

    There’s a new reality for today’s insurers: buyers are becoming more sophisticated by using digital channels to learn about products. The sales organization must meet their customers, ​including end clients and distribution partners, where they are, and the solution is greater integration between sales and marketing. Both have the same goal — to generate more customers and premiums; ​especially through additional focus on increasing share of wallet, as well as, retention. In this session we’ll look across the global specialty, life insurance and personal lines businesses to uncover leading practices.


    • Byron Clymer – CIO, Lockton
    • Jasmine Jirele – Chief Growth Officer, Allianz Life
    • Eric Webster – VP - Marketing, State Farm
    • Moderator: Avril Castagnetta – Insurance Marketing Transformation Leader, EY

    5:35 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.   

    Cocktail reception
  • Friday, December 6

    7:30 a.m.

    Registration and networking breakfast

    8:25 a.m.

    Opening remarks


    • John Santosuosso – Global & Americas Insurance Assurance Leader, EY

    8:30 a.m.

    Scoring and assessing innovation


    • Matthew Mosher – President and CEO, AM Best

    9:00 a.m.

    NextWave Consumer Financial Services: financial subscriptions are coming

    As digitization takes over more of the financial world, consumer financial institutions have major choices ahead that will determine how they stay relevant, earn more customer trust and play to win over the next five years.

    EY’s NextWave Consumer Financial Services research confirms that the future will usher in fundamental changes to the business models of financial institutions and the industry more broadly. Three key hypotheses shape this paradigm shift and will act as the catalysts for change:

    • Trust and transparency will redefine consumer expectations and experiences.
    • AI-driven financial health platforms will become consumers’ “personal financial operating systems."
    • Subscriptions will finally hit financial services and will focus on life events.

    With industry players already making moves to leverage this trend, the NextWave research findings highlight some of the most relevant, timely actions every organization will need to consider to compete and win in the next wave.


    • Nik Lele – Americas Financial Services Digital Leader, EY

    9:30 a.m.

    Keynote interview


    • Michael Falcon – CEO, Jackson National
    • Ed Majkowski – Americas Insurance Advisory Leader, EY

    10:00 a.m.

    Networking break

    10:20 a.m.






    Application of AI across the insurance value chain

    The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is resulting in shifts across the entire insurance value chain. Discover how AI is driving efficiencies for insurance carriers, agents, and policyholders by helping insurers create personalized customer experience from claims assessment, to underwriting, to pricing, and policy servicing. 


    • Bill Finn – SVP and Chief Actuary, The Hanover
    • Matthew Josefowicz – President and CEO, Novarica
    • Kjersten Moody – Chief Data and Analytics Officer, State Farm
    • Moderator: Dawn Nash – Digital Insurance Leader, EY

    11:00 a.m.






    Does your people strategy compete with your automation strategy?

    • How do you create a more vigorous business by strategically unleashing automation while developing a mutually reinforcing people strategy?
    • How do you define the insurance worker of the future and migrate present day capabilities to those needed to perform in the new roles?
    • How do you increase human performance while maximizing automation?
    • Where will the industry source talent and how?


    • Sean Woodroffe – Senior EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, TIAA
    • David Zona – VP, Enterprise Transformation, Prudential Financial
    • Moderator: Tony Steadman – Global People Advisory Services Leader, EY

    11:40 a.m.

    Cyber risk: a hundred-billion-dollar opportunity and a trillion-dollar threat


    • Pete Cordero – National Cybersecurity Practice Leader, EY
    • Nathaniel Dorfman – Compliance and Regulatory Strategy Leader, EY
    • Steven Schwartz – VP, Strategy & Insurance Practice, Cytegic
    • Moderator: Matt Hynes – Global Cyber Strategy, Risk, Compliance and Resilience Leader, EY

    12:20 p.m.

    Closing remarks & conference close


    • Ed Majkowski – Americas Insurance Advisory Leader, EY
    • John Santosuosso – Global & Americas Insurance Assurance Leader, EY

December 5-6, 2019

Conrad New York

102 North End Ave

New York, NY 10282


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