Insurwave: blockchain-enabled marine insurance

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EY and Guardtime, as well as other insurance industry leaders, present Insurwave, the world's first blockchain-enabled platform. This platform integrates and secures the streams of disparate data sources involved in insuring shipments around the world.

Hear EY, Guardtime and industry participants talk about Insurwave. 

Insurwave benefits stakeholders across the marine insurance industry. The distributed database offers secure access to a single version of the truth to all participants in specialty insurance. 

Benefits include: 

  • Claims to be paid in hours, not years
  • Premiums to be agreed and settled in seconds
  • Shippers to track assets and share data with brokers and insurers
  • Brokers to focus more on servicing clients and less on  administration
  • Insurers to track their exposures in near real-time

See how Insurwave is helping insurers, brokers and risk managers.

Read more on how the Insurwave platform provides greater transparency and efficiency through blockchain technology. 

Watch our videos on how Insurwave is transforming the industry by making specialty insurance work better for everyone in the value chain.

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